Week 13 & 14 Summary

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RemixThis:  I really liked starting out reviewing the references to remix and examples.  It helped me understand what a remix is and how to go about making my own remixes for these two weeks.  It also helped me understand more about copyright material and when I can use it.

7 Stars Mashup Assignments:  I really enjoyed working on these mashup/remix assignments.  There is a lot of work that goes into these assignments.  I’m really glad that we had the video unit first so I could get familiar with video editing first.

1. Recycle the Media– 3 stars: I used the recycled media by creating a video that includes 6 images of being outside and 2 sounds that relate to nature.  This video represents me taking a nature walk, and the things that I see.  I like using other media that other people did not use to make a whole new stoary about it.  It makes me think and be creative with the images that were in the recyclyed media bin.  In my assignment post I added more detail into how I used the media.

2. Movie Trailer Mashup– 4 stars.  I enjoyed the movie trailer mashup.  For this I used the movie Up and the movie The Avengers.  I made the movie Up look like it had a lot of action and adventure/war theme instead of a family friendly happy movie.

Remix An Assignment: I really enjoyed this remixed an assignment.  It’s really fun to see what kinds of combinations of assignments can go together into one assignmet.  I also liked how I had to use media already created and add onto the remix.

Planning for Final Project:  I know this assignment was due November 25, but I wanted to post a link to this assignment on my weekly summary post.  I’m looking forward to getting started on my final project.  I like how I can use everything that I have learned this semester to put it together.

Reflection on Mashup/Remix:  I am first going to say that the comments that I got from my video assignments from last week were really helpful.  They let me think about how I can improve my videos for this week.  I really enjoyed doing the RemixThis assignment first it helped me really understand what a remix really is.  My favorite remix example that I reviewed was the Star Wars Call Me Maybe.  This was the most creative remix I saw.  It also looked like there was a lot of editing involved to create the video. Working on the assignments were fun.  I really liked both of the mash-up assignments that I chose to do.  After this week I feel that I really understand remix and mash up.  I am looking forward to this last week of class next week and working on my final project.  I cannot believe that the semester is coming to a close.

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