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Remixed Assignment

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Creep on a movie scene [remixed]: ‘Stache it

Original Assignment:

Creep on a movie scene created by Jack Mulrey

Add yourself to a movie scene! Preferable a famous movie. The creepier you are, the better.

Remix Card:

“‘Stache It!”

Urban Dictionary defines “mustache” as: “A universal icon representing the epitome of authority and raw manhood… Resting just above the upper lip, the mustache is a beacon to all mankind that there is hope for this world and a bright future for all who have been gifted with this treasure from God himself.” So you know what do to. Like Beyonce says, “If you like it, then you should put a ‘stache on it.”

This assignment comes to a total of 3 stars.

For this assignment I went to the ds106 remixer site and clicked on the blender.  The assignment I got was Creep on a Movie scene.  What I didn’t realize about remixed assignments was that you are supposed to use media from an existing assignment.  Then I looked at the already done creep on a movie scene assignment.  The only already done assignment that opened with no error was Creeping on Freddy vs Jason.  What I did then was save the image to my computer.  I then opened up the picture into photoshop editer.  I then went to the option decorate and clicked on costumes.  That’s when I found the mustache option.  I then added mustaches to everyone in the photo.  I did end up adjusting the size of the mustache for each person.  It was a little hard to add mustaches to the characters that were facing each other because they were angled. I was lucky with this photo that all the characters were male and that the mustaches looked appropriate.  Adding mustaches to this picture makes it look more humorous and not being able to take the fight these two characters are about to have seriously.  Adding mustaches gives this picture a new meaning.

I really enjoyed this remixed assignment.  It is fun that adding a mustache to each of the people in the picture and it changes the meaning.  I liked how for remixed assignments you can add on to previous work by others.

Remixed Assignment

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