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Week #10 Summary

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Video Editing Tools:¬† I am not familiar with video editing tools at all, but in the post I wrote about the tools I’m planning on using.¬† Throughout this week I was able to learn how to use these video editing tools.¬† I also feel better about using these¬†tools for future assignments.¬† I have used MPEG Stream Clip¬†for cutting a scene to create my gif in week 2.¬† After this week I feel a lot better with MPEG Stream Clip¬†than I did in week 2.

3 Time Review of Selected Movie Scene:¬† I decided to use the movie clip from the third YouTube play list in this weeks summary.¬† I used the closing clip from the movie the Social Network. This movie is about the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.¬† This scene was interesting to work with because there was no dialogue in it.¬† There was still background sound and music but no one spoke in the scene.¬† As I was “reading” the movie I was able to tell by the camera angles and other cinematic techniques what was going on in the scene and how¬†Mark¬†was feeling.

2nd Post on Selected Movie Scene Movie Scene Summary: Now making of a short montage from two different clips from the same movie was challenging but still fun.¬† I learned a lot and learned more on how to edit and put video clips together.¬† Using MPEG Stream Clip and PwnYoutube really helped make these assignments much easier.¬† For this video montage I found two other clips with dialogue that expressed the relationship between Mark and Erica.¬†The tutorial really helped me understand how to use MPEG Stream Clip and combine clips together to make them all one story.¬†It was also a lot of fun to research interesting facts about my movie.¬† I didn’t realize before how many different locations a movie can be filmed at and what goes into choosing a genre for the movie.

2 Video Assignments for next week:  The two video assignments I decided to choose from are Return to the Silent Era and Animated Music Video.  In this post I had fun reviewing two already done assignments for each of these.  I am looking forward to next week so I can actually work on the video editing for this assignment.

2 Daily Creates:¬† I will have to say it was nice having only two daily creates to do this week.¬† With learning how to use all this video software and such it was nice not to have to¬†think about doing a lot of daily creates for every day.¬† I still really like¬†doing the daily creates though because they don’t take up much time.¬† I hope through the next few weeks that there won’t be as many so I can focus mostly on video editing.

Week 10 Reflection: I will start off saying that before this week I had no knowledge about video editing and such.¬† But after reading through the weekly post, and watching tutorials,¬†and doing the assignments for this week I feel more comfortable with video, and using video editing¬†software.¬†¬†There really¬†is a lot that goes into making a movie and editing it.¬† I can see why it takes so long to make a movie.¬† I can’t believe that we’re already in week 10.¬† This semester is going by really fast, and there really isn’t that much longer to go.¬† I am looking forward to next week when I can start working on my video assignments that I chose.

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