Weeks 11 & 12 Summary

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16 Stars worth of Video Assignments:

1. Return to the Silent Era-5 stars

2. Animated Music Video-4 stars

3. Movies by Number-3 stars

4. Opening Credits Redux– 4 stars

Weekly Reflection:  I’m really happy that I had 2 weeks to work on these video assignments.  These assignments took a lot of time, but it was fun to work on video assignments for these two weeks.  I also had a lot of work piling up for my other classes so I’m really happy about having two weeks time here. I have learned so much about video editing than I have ever before.  I really like using Windows Movie maker and it was easy to figure out how to use the movie editing software.  I think after this class is over I will make videos just for fun in my free time.  Video is a great way of storytelling.  Just look at all the movies that come out to theaters every year.  My favorite video assignment I did was movies by number.  For that assignment I liked finding the images that related to the number one.   I’m looking forward to the unit on remixes and mashup but I really can’t believe that this class is almost over.  This class is going by really fast and I have really enjoyed what I have learned.  I also have learned so much in this class about media but than I have before.  I know I will continue to use this knowledge for this class for other media related projects for this future.

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