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The Best of ds106!

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My Best Work Category

While organizing my blog posts in their proper categories, I found 6 assignments that fell into my best work for this course.  My best work includes assignments done during bootcamp, visual, design, and video units of ds106.  I know that I did not include best work from the audio and remix and mash up units but the assignments I completed during those units I did not feel like were my best work.  I was going to just post this in my weekly summary but then I realized how long this post was getting so I decided it needed its own post.  I will link this post to my weekly summary post.

The first assignment I put in my best work category was from boot camp.  It was when we had to create our own gif.  I put this in my best work because I worked a long time on getting my gif to become just right.  I had never made a gif before so it was a challenge to figure out how to make one.  When I finally completed this gif I was really happy with it and proud that after all the effort I put into making it paid off.

The second assignment I put in my best work category was a visual assignment, Splash that Color.¬†¬†This was the first assignment I did during the visual unit.¬† I really liked the symbolism I¬†put behind my idea¬†of where to splash the color.¬† Even though for this assignment I used an app to splash the color back to the picture I’m happy with what I created.¬† I made sure that the rooster was the only item in the picture with color.

The thrid assignment I put in my best work category was a design assignment, Post cards from Magical Places.¬† While looking on the ds106 hompage¬†site recently and a while back I noticed my assignment was on the ds106 homepage.¬† I thought “how cool is that?!” This assignment automatically went into my best work category.¬† I am very happy with how this assignment came out and I liked how when I wrote the post card part I made it from a non-main character from the Harry Potter series.

The fourth assignment I put in my best work category was a web assignment, Storytelling Within the Web.  This was when we had to hack into a webpage to change the meaning of it.  When I first got this assignment I thought how am I supposed to hack a webpage?  With the help of tutorials and other examples I found the assignment really easy.  I liked the idea that I put behind my story.  I created a Chicken Soup for the ds106 soul.  I was happy with the idea I created as well as how the webpage turned out in the end.

The fifth assignment I put in my best work category was a video assignment, Movies by Number.  I really enjoyed this assignment as well as the number I chose to do.  This assignment took a lot of effort finding just the right images to go along with the song and relate to the number one.  It also took a lot of images just to have enough for the song length of the video.  When this assignment was done I was really happy with how it turned out.

The sixth and final assignment I put in my best work category was another video assignment, Animated Music Video.  I had fun doing this assignment because it brought back memories from my childhood.  This assignment also helped me with my video editing skills.  I learned how to download certain clips and cut the clips down to make then fit within the lyrics of the song.  I was happy how this video assignment turned out.

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