3 Daily Creates for Week 9 Tied Together in a Story

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1. October 23, 2012: Take a picture of rocks

Take a picture of rocks

For this picture I decided to take a picture of the spirit rock at UMW.  The spirit rock is a story itself that is always changing it’s story.  Mostly the UMW spirit rock is for advertising events and sometimes an occasional birthday. I think this rock will be able to tie easily into a story for the next 2 daily creates that I have to do this week.

2. October 24, 2012: Record a sound familiar to you, but strange to others (creak in the stairs, whine of an engine).

For this daily create today I decided to record the familiar sounds of the UMW campus between classes.  In the background it is fairly quiet and you can just hear a bird chirping in the background.  I decided to record 30 seconds because I felt any longer would bore people too much.  This daily create will definitely help to tie into the story that I am looking to create from 3 daily creates this week.  For my story I will post it at the bottom of this page.

3. October 26, 2012: Does the shape of the Egyptian Pyramids offer power or not?  Show us in a photo.

Pyramid of cups

For this daily create I decided to make a pyramid of cups.  I think pyramids do show power because today you can make anything with pyramids.  For fun people make human pyramids, and like to make pyramids with different objects.

3 daily creates story:  So I was walking on campus the UMW campus the other day when I passed the spirit rock.  While walking on campus between classes I heard all the normal sounds of being on campus with a bird chirping in the back ground.  All of a sudden I came across glass cups filled that were stacked together like a pyramid.  I then decided to play with the cups and rearrange them.  I rearranged them together and then left.  That is the story of my interesting day on campus.

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