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Advice for Future DS106 Students

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To give advice for future ds106 students I decided to design a poster that signified the 10 commandments of ds106.  If you believe in them or not I think that most people have at least heard of the 10 Commandments of the Bible.  These 10 commandments of ds106 offer advice on what to expect in the class and how to be successful in this course.  I had fun creating and thinking of 10 things that I think that everyone who takes ds106 in the future should know. I found an image of notebook paper on google images. I then opened up the image into photo shop editer, and added the text to the image with the 10 commandments of ds106.  If you are having trouble reading the 10 Commandments of ds106 on the image I created I have typed them below:

10 commandments of ds106

I. Thou shalt get through boot camp

II. Thou shalt watch weekly Tuesday Videos

III. Thou shalt do all weekly assignments

IV. Thou shalt enjoy the daily create

V. Thou shalt turn all work in ON TIME

VI. Thou shalt use twitter to get help

VII. Thou shalt create a radio show with a group

VIII. Thou shalt be creative

IX. Thou shalt learn the meaning of storytelling

X. Thou shalt have fun

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