New Design Assignment

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What I did When I was Younger

Find a picture of when you were little and add decorations to the picture to make it tell a story. It doesn’t have to just be a picture of you it can be of you and your family or you and your friends, but it has to be a picture of you when you were little. Be creative and have fun with this assignment.

I rated this assignment 1 star because it is supposed to be an easy and fun assignment.  It actually could’ve been 2 stars with finding the certain decorations to add to the picture.

New design assignment

For this assignment I found a picture of me (right) and my best friend (left) when we were little.  It was already saved on my computer so it was easy to upload into photoshop editer.  I then went to the decoration side of the editor and added party decorations to the picture.  This picture was taken around Christmas time, but I wanted to change the meaning of the photo by designing it to have more of a party theme.  I then added me saying happy birthday to my friend.  Her birthday is close to Christmas time so that ‘s why I wanted to decorate this picture with party themes instead of all holiday decorations.  This picture tells a new story.  I hope that future ds106 students will enjoy this assignment.  It also brings back a lot of childhood memories.

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