Taking a Nature Walk With Recycled Media

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Recycle the Media

During the Fall 2012 iteration of ds106 taught at UMW, we collected media from students that was unused in their previous work uploaded to http://dropitto.me/ds106phonar (the password was “photos4life” newly added media might take some time to be moved- we have to feed the squirrels that do this manual labor). The content was migrated to a public download site, which contains at least 150 images, audio and video http://minus.com/mvKXzhhcO.
Your task for this assignment is to mashup at least 7 different pieces of this media to make a new story, and use at least 2 different types (e.g. audio and image, image and video). The story most likely would be done as a video, but see if you can make these different kinds of media make sense as the content. What kind of recycled story can you make out of this cast off media?

This is a 3 star assignment

Before working on this assignment I looked at a previously done assignment called:

Cat? A ds106 Recycled Media Assignment: This assignment was really well done.  I like how it started and ended with the cat.  I also like how this short video has a scary theme to it as you are wondering what happened to the cat.  The recycled media was used very well and the sounds went well with what was happening during the video.  I also really liked how it zoomed in on the cat at the very end.

After looking through all the recycled media in the recycling bin, I decided to create a story with photos about a nature walk that I’m taking.  For this I took 6 pictures and 2 sounds from the recycling bin that I thought related best to nature and things you would see on a nature walk.  The story I created with recycled media represents me taking a nature walk, and the things I see while walking around outside.  The starting image is of a house.  This represents me leaving my house to start my day with a nature walk.  The sound in the background for most of the movie is called forest birds.  This is the sound represents the birds I hear while outside on my walk.  The next picture shows me turning a corner and walking by some pretty fall trees.  The following picture shows me walking down the stairs into the forest where there is nature.  The next picture shows a leaf I found on my nature walk.  Then I look up a the nice blue sky and see some hot air balloons.  The last sound that is at the very end of this video is called swish, which represents the sound of the hot air balloons.  That there ends my nature walk.  I wish that there was a sound for footsteps in the recycling bin that sound like I’m actually walking.  I really enjoyed this assignment and using recycled media for my story.  I like how I can reuse what other people do not end up needing.

Below is my embedded YouTube video:

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