1. Abigail Andrews

    Radio Show Review


    This is a radio show review of Road Trip Radio by a member of the ADAAM Radio Show:

    I unfortunately could not listen to RoadTrip radio live because had to meet for a different group project.  But I was able to listen to it in after it was posted on …

  2. Abigail Andrews

    Radio Show Reflection-Updated


    I think our radio show turned out really well.  Over fall break I made a radio bumper that I thought would go well with our show and I also recorded my part of the show.  These were some great tips for people of all ages.  I also threw in a …

  3. Abigail Andrews

    6 Daily Creates for Weeks 7 & 8


    1. October 8, 2012: eXtreme edit.  Take a photo, then edit that photo to the eXtreme, making the photo eXtraordinary…

    Before Edit:

    After Edit:

    I have to say that I was really excited about todays Daily Create because over last week I have learned how to use photoshop online, and …

  4. Abigail Andrews

    Be Green Recycle Unused Media!


    Here are 4 media I have not yet used in assignments.

    1. This file is called makingagiftake1ds106. This file is from week 2 from where we had to make a gif.  I did not end up using this gif because it was not exactly the way I wanted it to …

  5. Abigail Andrews

    Make ‘em Laugh


    Make ‘em Laugh

    Find a good, brief joke in a language other than your mother tongue; if you don’t know any other languages this might be a good way to start learning. Record your voice telling the joke focusing on pronunciation and try to make it sound as natural as …

  6. Abigail Andrews

    My Ringtone from 2 Songs


    Make Your Own Ringtone

    Using Audacity, trim, join end-to-end (cut/paste), and/or play side-by-side audio files in order to create your very own ringtone. Ringtones should be a maximum or 40 seconds to conserve phone memory (besides, most cell phones don’t ring longer than 30 seconds or so…the extra 10 seconds …

  7. Abigail Andrews

    Weekly Summary Number 6


    Design Safari:  I had a lot of fun with this assignment.  I found a lot of examples of each element of design on the UMW campus.  The elements that I decided to focus on were color, typography, balance, rhythm, and metaphor/symbol.  I like how in this assignment I was …

  8. Abigail Andrews

    4 Daily Creates for Week 6!


    1. October 1, 2012:  Today is World Vegetarian Day-make a photo that celebrates this holiday.

    I am personally not a vegetarian but when I saw this daily create I decided for lunch that I would have something a vegetarian would have.  So I went to Seco and got some pasta …

  9. Abigail Andrews

    Design Safari


    I had a lot of fun with this assignment!  To start with this assignment I read the assignment document and looked at found examples to give myself and idea of what I was looking for.  The elements I decided to focus on were color, typography, balance, rhythm, and metaphor/symbol. To …

  10. Abigail Andrews

    Pintresting Me


    That’s Pinteresting :

    Create something that might look like the screenshot of someone’s Pinterest (www.pinterest.com) account. It could be that of a fictional character (Harry Potter might pin “how to get rid of scars” or maybe Princess Leia is pinning “Easy Bun Hairdos”) or just things you personally like. This …

  11. Abigail Andrews

    3 Daily Creates for Week 5


    1. September 26, 2012:  Bald is beautiful.  Photograph the egg head in your life.

    So I know already that the Daily Create is supposed to be something that you take a picture of that same day and all, but I honestly don’t know any bald people who live close enough …

  12. Abigail Andrews



    I had a lot of fun doing photoblitzing.  20 mintues went by really fast.  I chose to do this assignment in my dorm room,  where I have plenty of options of what to use in my photographs.  Also it was a place where I wouldn’t feel judged for scrambling together …

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