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Radio Show Review

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This is a radio show review of Road Trip Radio by a member of the ADAAM Radio Show:

I unfortunately could not listen to RoadTrip radio live because had to meet for a different group project.  But I was able to listen to it in after it was posted on the ds106 website.  RoadTrip Radio showed on Monday October 21 at 7:30pm-8:00pm.

I really enjoyed this radio show.¬† It is about a family of 5 that goes on a road trip that doesn’t go as planned, but in the end everyone had a great time.¬† This¬†radio show really reminded me of an episode of Modern Family.¬†¬†That’s because¬†of the¬†way the show¬†was formatted, where you get to hear a piece of¬†what¬†is going on in each characters head as well as the whole picture.¬† The audio quality of the show was really good, I could hear each person very clearly and the volume levels were even.¬† There were good transitions between each persons point of view and the commercial as well as the radio bumpers.¬† The bumpers were put in at good times during the radio show.¬† I liked the sound effects that went into the show, they were appropriate to what¬†was going on in the show at¬†the time, like the footsteps of walking and the and sound effects of starting the car and driving.¬† I really liked the music in the show as well.¬† There was mostly music during the transitions and the bumpers.¬† The music was very effective and related well to the show.¬† I really liked the bumper that was played throughout the show, but it would’ve been nice to have a different bumper than just one for the whole show.¬† This show definitely had structure.¬† It definitely sounded scripted and very well prepared to what was going to happen on the family¬†road trip.¬† Having this structure made this story be told effectively.¬† This show definitely sounded like a drama that you would see on TV.¬† I would give this radio show 4 stars out of 5.¬† This was a great show to listen to and was able to keep my interest.¬† I think creating more than one bumper would’ve been nice to incorporate into the show.¬† But good job to RoadTrip Radio Ireally enjoyed your show though I could not listen to it live.

Now onto my review of my radio show the ADAAM Radio show that showed Tuesday October 23, 2012 at 9:00pm-9:30pm.

I was really happy that I could listen to the show live.¬† That’s why as a group we picked the last time.¬†¬†Tuesday was the first time I was able to hear the whole show all the way through.¬† I heard parts of the show with each separate¬†recording that we sent to each other.¬† I feel like over all we kept the volume at the same level it was easy to hear.¬† As a show I feel like we had really good edits and transitions to each part of our show.¬† In our show we used music in our introduction that I found was a good to transition to each part.¬† Our show did have a structure but after listening to other radio shows I feel like our show could’ve been more structured and maybe could’ve been more connected as a show.¬† Each of our stories was¬† told effectively but there was no one big story that connected it.¬† I believe that we had a great show and that I would give it 4 out of 5 stars because I believe after hearing the other shows ours could’ve been more as one story of Halloween.¬† I’m not sure if another member of my group is going to post this but the ADAAM Radio show got a total of 12 peak listeners, below is a screen shot of the ds106 status page of the ADAAM radio show:

Radio Show Stats

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