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A Bundle of DailyCreates

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Week 7 & 8 DailyCreates! I did 7! AND a 2 suggestions (:

eXtreme Editt
*DailyCreate October 8th*

Xtreme Edit! NICKK

THIS IS MY OWN DAILYCREATE! I came up with this idea (: Basically edit the crap outta a photo! make a photo look eXtraordinary… I took this picture of my friend Nick and then decided to make it look even more powerful(: I used many different editing aspects from Photoshop to tweak it to make it look perfect. I used the focal spot, black and white, zoom, fuzz, etc. (:


Scary Picture Face…
*DailyCreate October 11th*


The prompt consisted of using your non-dominant hand.. (which is my left) and draw to the best of your ability “human emotion”  Well I was trying my best to make my drawing look happy.. but it straight up looks wayyy strange :( This was WAYY WAYY harder than it seemed!


*DailyCreate October 12th*

I look at my alarm first thing in the morning.

I took a photo of the first thing I do/check when I wake up in the morning. I look at my clock and turn off my alarm music. I used a black and white red filter effect on my photo. Also, this photo was from my PhotoBlitz session! Go check it out(:


Five Colorful Walls(:
*DailyCreate October 15th*

My Wild, Crazy Room!

The objective was to take a creative photo of a fence or wall. I decided to take a photo of a creative wall.. haha I have 5 walls in my bedroom. Which are five different colors. Filled with many different colored polka dots(: It’s a wild and crazy room. My walls are meant to express me. I hope this photo was an inside look(:


This Girl Means the WORLD to Me
*DailyCreate October 18th*

This girl means the world to me. She's my bestfriend. There are days I couldn't live without her. (:

This is a photo of Stephanie and I. Stephanie means the world to me because I met her in the prime years of lost faith. I needed a friend to help me become closer to Christ. This girl is my miracle. She will be forever in my life. I love her to the moon and back.


*DailyCreate October 20th*

1's, 0's, and 6's Rollercoastaaaa

The objective was to draw a picture using only 0′s 1′s and 6′s. I chose to draw a roller-coaster for this challenge. I used the Paint software on my CPU and using the straight line and oval and free-style for my 6′s. I really enjoyed this day’s challenge(:


Soup, Soup, Soup
*DailyCreate October 21st*

Soup, Soup, So many different kinds of SOUP!

I am a BIG soup consumer! Especially during the cold months so I always have many, many different kinds of soup lying around. This dailycreate was fun and easy. I just got the cans outta my pantry, stacked them up and then took a photo (:


I submitted two ideas for dailycreates this week!

PAN-A-ROOM (as shown below)

and also the Black & White video silence idea. filled with audited sounds(:


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