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  1. LyndseyLu Smith

    Final Week Summary

    FINAL Summary Post I am going to start my final blog post off with, My Week 3 blog post about Digital Storytelling Upon finishing this class I have found more and more that storytelling through the web can be so successful and fun! I have found that I am able to express more to my thoughts through digital storytelling. I knew that storytelling could be fun before I started this class…. and NOW I KNOW IT! It has been an absolute learning experience(: You can find a complete blog post [within my creations category] of the assignments and tutorials I have created this semester here. You can find my best … Continue reading
  2. LyndseyLu Smith

    Bing Crosbyyy

    Bing Crosby! A man of many talents! He is an inspiration. I hope to show you through this post how multi-talented he was. When I think of Bing Crosby I think White Christmas… I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO SO MUCH. This is ultimately my favorite scene! The following video is a montage of a couple things: [If Youtube link above doesn't work: BingCrosby] SNOW! The following GIF is another favorite scene from the movie. Next, I wanted to share with you a shot from one of his singing appearances: Now his oh so unique VOICE! [If Youtube link above doesn't work: Bing's VOICE] I used this music from soundcloud in … Continue reading
  3. LyndseyLu Smith

    ATTENTION! Future DS106 students Report!

    DS106 is a learning class… You learn to become dependent on your knowledge and twitter… I am not kidding… twitter is the BEST SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE! Do NOT wait til the last day to start your weekly summary…. You’ll regret it COMPLETELY!! This course can be fun… if you go about it the correct way… Advice tip #1: Start at the beginning of the week Advice tip #2: ASK QUESTIONS Advice tip #3: For the love of pineapples DO NOT DELETE ANY “Bad Ideas” … you might want to remix them!! Advice tip #4: You will enjoy this class if you watch the weekly Tuesday videos! Advice tip #5: You … Continue reading
  4. LyndseyLu Smith

    Assignment Ideas, Tutorials, and Dailycreate Suggestions! (:

    The following are links to my assignment ideas, tutorials, and dailycreate suggestions: My Visual Assignment…Shadow your Friends. My Design Assignment… Celeb Duo. A tutorial for a Visual Assignment. A tutorial for a Design Assignment. A tutorial for another Visual Assignment. So one of my dailycreate ideas was used this semester!! It was called eXtreme edit. The goal of the dailycreate was Basically edit the crap outta a photo! make a photo look eXtraordinary… I took this picture of my friend Nick and then decided to make it look even more powerful(: I used many different editing aspects from Photoshop to tweak it to make it look perfect. I used the focal … Continue reading
  5. LyndseyLu Smith

    Shadow Your Friends.

    This is my Visual Assignment creation: I decided I wanted to make a visual assignment that you could do with friends. This is the description: Take a group of friends of all different heights. Make the photo as creative as possible. Use different locations depending on the meaning you want to send out. This blog post serves as a tutorial also. First you need a camera. Then you need to get a group of friends that are mostly different heights. This makes the picture more effective. You then need to find an open location that you can hang out in and are able to use your camera. The location also … Continue reading
  6. LyndseyLu Smith

    Two weeks down… oh wait two more to go?

    To start off my weekly summary I’d like to share the blog post I wrote up for my preview of my final project on Bing! READ my RemixThis blog post! I also enjoyed learning more insight on copyright this week, so you should check out my Blog Post on Copyrightttt Recycle The Media is worth [3/7] of my stars for Mashup Assignments this week! I used 7 photographs of “recycled” content to create an all about girls video! I really enjoyed this week! I saw my Sweet Home Alabama GIF being cited this week… which was super exciting because I was like oh heyyy I am being referred to!! haha … Continue reading
  7. LyndseyLu Smith

    How about the reee-cyclinggg…

    So, back in Weeks 7 & 8 of DS106, the professors asked us to contribute 5 pieces of media left over from our projects to the DS106 recycle bin. This week we were tasked with doing the recycling not just contributing. So I decided to complete the Recycle the Media assignment as part of my 7 stars worth of assignments this week! I got the files from the site: The task for this assignment is to mash-up at least 7 different pieces of this media to make a new story, and use at least 2 different types! So for this assignment I decided to go with a theme of all about girls! I tried … Continue reading
  8. LyndseyLu Smith

    Oops! I ran into CopyRight…

    This is me… because I already ran into Copyright.. as shown below This is a photo of my screen from when I received an email why my Movie Montage Video would not upload… Apparently, YouTube uses a technology called ContentID that is automatically able to determine if a users upload includes video or audio that matches copyrighted content… AWESOME… So my video did not get uploaded O.o I was sad! BUT NOW thanks to this week I am able to fix it! (: So I first decided to try to repeal the violation on my video…that didn’t work so I now have to upload it to vimeo… Apparently the amount of material I … Continue reading
  9. LyndseyLu Smith

    Why don’t cha REMIX THIS

    I was tasked with reviewing at least two of the references on the concepts and analyzing at least 3 examples. The following is my understanding of a remix. Remix References First I watched Everything is a Remix (Part 1). WOW!! I really loved this video… I’ll admit to watching it three times.. I just got more information out of it every time I re-watched it… HIPHOP! I probably should’ve done this assignment with it… haha. I didn’t realize the common remixes I come into contact with in every day life! SO AWESOME(: This video showed a lot of entertainment remixes. The video was entertaining as well as informative. In Part1, the video focused on the music industry… … Continue reading
  10. LyndseyLu Smith

    Enter in Final Project… BAM! Bing Crosby

    For the final project I have chosen Bing Crosby as my topic(: Using the assignment repository I am choosing to do the following assignments.. Also to what exact details of info I will be working towards to show is stated next to. Design: Animated Movie Poster(2), also a GIF poster.. thinking about creating my own unique assignment..  (Advertisements of the movies and plays he was in. Depicted journey of his career.) Audio: I haven’t decided on which assignment from the section I want to do yet but the idea would be to show the journey of his well-known voice with a bundle of songs he sang Visual: Summarize a movie … Continue reading
  11. LyndseyLu Smith

    Two for One Weekly Summaries 11&12

    Weeks 11 & 12 Video Assignments, were a LOT of fun!! I really enjoyed my two weeks of video editing. I started with the assignments on day one but put them all as draft blog posts. I decided to finalize every thing and upload on the same day. Some of these assignments were difficult but the end result was totally worth it. I found that I know my way around Windows Live Movie Maker wayyyy better than I thought I did. I really just enjoyed making videos and I feel like I will be making a lot more of them in my spare time. (: 17 Stars worth of Video … Continue reading
  12. LyndseyLu Smith

    T-Swift Lyric Video. What what.

    Video Lyric Assignment with a Twistt. I took a short section of my current favorite song, and turned the song into a music video using only lyrics. Man oh man this video assignment took a lot of work but it was definitely my favorite one of them all. Taylor Swift’s hit single, We are never getting back together, is playing in my car pretty much daily so I thought it was only fair to use her song for my video week. I choose to do all still pictures for this assignment. I first thought of the idea to use sharpies and hands.. it’s kinda my thing. I then took a … Continue reading
  13. LyndseyLu Smith

    Me… in My 1 Second Video(:

    How much of a story can I tell in a 1 second video? … Challenge Accepted. I chose to do video assignment by noiseprofessor… My objective of this video is to show me.. in a nutshell basically. I chose to take all stills (pics) and run them i...
  14. LyndseyLu Smith

    Movie Scenes That Changed my Life

    For this Movie Scenes that Changed Our Lives- Video Assignment by Annie Belle, I selected scenes from 3 movies… October Baby, Sweet Home Alabama, and A Walk to Remember. These scenes that I chose changed my outlook on life. MovieSceneMontage – Click once for another page then click again for the video in your choice of player(:  until you can open the file(:   (Explanation for not embedding at bottom) The first scene is from October Baby. In this scene the main character is talking with a Catholic priest about her twin brother, whom she didn’t know she had. She speaks about his loss and her possibly failing at her life. … Continue reading
  15. LyndseyLu Smith

    My take on, A Word… A Picture… A Story

    For another video assignment for these two weeks of DS106 I decided to try out A Word… A Picture… A Story. It’s worth 3 stars. I had a lot of fun doing this assignment, I chose a random 10 words. I then did a Google image search on these words and chose the first visible photos. I then had the challenge of combining them into a story. I first uploaded the 10 images into Window Live Movie Maker. I then messed with slide transitions, music, timing, slide animations, and captions! So much editing.. so little time..  This assignment proved to be a lot of simple tasks all rolled into one. … Continue reading
  16. LyndseyLu Smith

    Aiming for the Best! Weeks 11&12 Dailycreates

    Too much Elmo? I think not (: *Dailycreate November 5th* I took a photo that fills the frame of the camera. This dailycreate’s challenge to me was basically the angling.   A Story of a Place in One Single Photograph *Dailycreate November 6th* This photo I took at Ocean City. This is where my family loves to vacation. The beach makes for great family time and meeting new people. I love the beach so much and enjoy all the times I get to go there.   Three… 3D boxes *Dailycreate November 7th* Man oh man I really enjoyed this dailycreate. The objective was to make a 3D object abstract… I … Continue reading
  17. LyndseyLu Smith

    High Ten! Week 10 Summaryy

    Time to knock your socks off.. with my WEEK10 Summaryy. First off, You can find my readying my tools prep post about my video editing tools HERE. For your enjoyment, You can find my Reading into Movies Blog post  HERE. Also, my post (pre-production for weeks to come) describing two of the video assignments I am considering working on next week can be found here. My Dailycreates Blog post can be found here. Read my blog post about the trailer I had to review… THREE TIMES XD Diggin’ a little deeper into the movie.. These are my thoughts wrapped up into a second blog post. All and all I feel like I had a … Continue reading
  18. LyndseyLu Smith

    Look, Listen, Analyze.. My Best Friend’s Girl Styleee

    I reviewed the trailer for My Best Friend’s Girl three times: Step One: “Before watching the first time, slide the volume on the clip (or on your computer) all the way down.” I watched the clip on mute. Man oh man was this trailer entertaining without the volume.  The first scene is of a couple and it’s panned back and forth between. This accounts for showing their different expressions, very adapt way of showing both the full conversation and the emotions/reactions of each character. The next scene shows the relationship of what looks like either two friends or two brothers. The quality of their relationship it shown through the characters … Continue reading
  19. LyndseyLu Smith

    Pre-Production Coming at Ya!

    PREP WORK for the Video Assignments next week. I want to attempt: 30 Second Documentary, A Day in Your Life: Make it Constanza Decent, a word… a picture… a story, and a Song Visualization For Song Visualization, I have already done a similar concept during highschool that I want to post to share. I might do a new one but this one is just to show what I can sort of work with. I have an example of the Windows Movie maker.. I made this project but then had to take my video camara and record my CPU screen.. I know, I know rookie mistake but hey I was like 16 … Continue reading
  20. LyndseyLu Smith

    Reading into Movies O.o

    I really enjoyed reading, Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” it gave me great insight and motivation for this week. I found the bit about a two-shot most interesting: “the person on the right will “seem” dominant over the person on the left. I watched the following 5 videos, “To get an appreciation for some of the power of cinematic techniques,” Some were funny while others were just flat-out informative(: Top 20 Cinematic Techniques am glad that I watched this one first. I really liked that they labeled each scene in the sense of telling me exactly what to look for. Camera Angles and Techniques video was interesting. The … Continue reading
  21. LyndseyLu Smith

    On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!! Readying my tools for DS106VIDEO

    Week 10 is in my opinion video-prep week. I already have Windows Movie Maker and have already in the past worked with the software. I am so happy I finally have an excuse to mess around with it more(: I refered to Tools for the Trade for links to help me in my video-editing career (: Also some points from Video Guide for video resources and tutorials helped a LOT. Also, I have already had some practice with MPEG StreamClip, with the my first GIF assignment, to get the clip off Youtube. I love this software and find it VERY useful (: I have an example of the Windows Movie … Continue reading
  22. LyndseyLu Smith

    Legos and VHS… It’s been a long week :P

    Week10 DailyCreates   GIANT Lego Carr *DailyCreate November 1st* How’s that for FORCED perspective O.o   I had a lot of fun with this dailycreate. The objective was to make an object that was small look big or big look small. I chose to do small to big. This was harder than expected. I took many different pictures with various angles to make it look just right.   VHS.. Barney and Mary Poppins. (: *DailyCreate November 2nd* Womp Womp.. I feel so old.. VHS-styleee… Take a picture of on object that represents how old you feel.. I still feel way old when I see a VHS because NO ONE owns them anymore … Continue reading
  23. LyndseyLu Smith

    Wait What?! Week 9 Re-Cap Already?!?!!

    This week was a long one. I’ve been battling sickness since last Thursday (Oct. 18th). I’ve had an on and off fever, a sore throat and to top it all off: a cold. So overall, I have been feeling not so great. However, I have enjoyed this week of DS106 (: Radio Show Duo Review 3 DailyCreates & A Story!! My Journey with Storytelling Within the Web [5 stars] I feel like I would’ve gotten more details accomplished this week if I was feeling better. This sickness has gotten the best of me and I am still struggling. I hope I get better soon because I am looking forward to … Continue reading
  24. LyndseyLu Smith

    Waiter, Can I get a DailyCreate Story over here?

    ~ Week 9 DailyCreates and a story to link them together ~   Rocks *DailyCreate October 23rd* Take a photo of rocks! Well this task was easy enough. I took a photo of the run-off rocks in my neighborhood. I tweaked it in Photoshop to make it more effective(:   Powerful statements… The Egyptian Pyramid *DailyCreate October 26th* The shape of an Egyptian pyramid in my opinion is a POWERRRRFULLLL statement. We see it everywhere. In places such as restaurants to churches. It’s everywhere. This photo is from a church in Boston I visited recently. (:   My Most Prized Possession, My faith in Jesus Christ (: *DailyCreate October 27th* Faith … Continue reading
  25. LyndseyLu Smith

    2 for 1 Review on Radio Shows

    I am on Team SpiritXpress so it was my job to review A Road to Somewhere! The guidelines for reviewing can be found here. First on the review list is A Road to Somewhere, Right outta the gate the Group’s show really impressed me with the reading of “Oh, the Place You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss. The background music sealed the deal of a great entertainment piece and brought the story together with the reader’s voice! (: I loved it! VERY entertaining The commercial made me laugh. I loved her voice and it seemed like she really got into it.(: The Radio Bumper, Route 66 was my favorite part of the … Continue reading
  26. LyndseyLu Smith

    Duo Weekly Cap!

    Weekly Summary 7 & 8 ~Audio Assignments (10 stars worth) I Go Back. SongStory  [3/10] CountryGal, Father & Mother MuLiTiPeRsOnAliTy [4/10] Inspirational Quoteee [1/10] ~Blog Post for DailyCreates Weeks 7&8 ~I submitted 7 photos to Phonar. They were titled (and purposes) as follows: getridof (1) — photoblitz getridof (2) — photoblitz getridof (3) — dailycreateidea getridof (4) — dailycreateidea getridof (5) — dailycreateidea getridof (6) — dailycreateidea getridof (7) — dailycreateidea None of these photos quite made the cut to their entirety. They are labeled as such for me to know to delete them during my computer sweeps. ~Lastly, My Reflection on my contribution to SpiritXpress!! and overall assessment for group process: I think overall we had a great … Continue reading
  27. LyndseyLu Smith

    Quote 4 my Last Audio STAR

    For my final 10 for 10 stars I chose to do Based on 1-Quote-A-Day Project!! by Rimi ‘Kookaburra’ Morita. I chose to do this ‘one star’ assignment because I already had done [9/10] of my stars. (: This assignment was actually a l...
  28. LyndseyLu Smith

    Country Girl, Dazed Father, and a Cranky Mother.

    WOW! I had a lot of fun with anagahama’s audio assignment called Multipersonality! [4/10] For this audio assignment,you had to pretend that you are three to four persons having a regular conversation. I picked a dinner time scenario because that is what is most familar to me, because I try to be home for most family dinners. For my assignment I used a country gal, her dazed father, and her uptight cranky mother. I had a lot of fun with this. I had to edit a lot out because of laughter but other than that I was able to cut enough to make it work. I hope you enjoy the … Continue reading

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