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Pre-Production Coming at Ya!

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PREP WORK for the Video Assignments next week.

I want to attempt: 30 Second Documentary, A Day in Your Life: Make it Constanza Decent, a word… a picture… a story, and a Song Visualization

For Song Visualization, I have already done a similar concept during highschool that I want to post to share. I might do a new one but this one is just to show what I can sort of work with. I have an example of the Windows Movie maker.. I made this project but then had to take my video camara and record my CPU screen.. I know, I know rookie mistake but hey I was like 16 so here’s an example of what experience I already have(: I am going to remake it for this week! ENJOY (: I had to use¬†to upload to Youtube.

So bottom line, the TWO that really jump out at me are: A Day in Your Life: Make it Constanza Decent by Alan Levine, and a word… a picture… a story by Kierra Morris.

For A Day in Your Life: Make it Constanza Decent¬†prep work entails: I would just go about my daily commute with video camera and camera in tow. “Create a video that shows your entire day that compresses your day into a video no more than 10 minutes long (bonus points for making it 5). Capture bits of your day in video or still photo form, and edit as a movie. Include titles, time stamps, and background music. Try your hand at speeding things up.” I am really excited to do this because I commute to school so there’s always something interesting going on.

For a word… a picture… a story¬†prep work would entail: Thinking about 10 random words. And choose audio bits to jazz it up. I am really really excited for that assignment!! Words: Pink, cross, scream, bubblegum, lipstick, grace, fears, frame, flower, twisted. haha I love these random words. I used my family to help generate random words(:¬†¬†The following are the photos that I will probably use and the audio/song I have NOT picked yet(:


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