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Duo Weekly Cap!

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Weekly Summary 7 & 8

~Audio Assignments (10 stars worth)

~Blog Post for DailyCreates Weeks 7&8

~I submitted 7 photos to Phonar. They were titled (and purposes) as follows:

  • getridof¬†(1) — photoblitz
  • getridof¬†(2) — photoblitz
  • getridof¬†(3) — dailycreateidea
  • getridof¬†(4) — dailycreateidea
  • getridof¬†(5) — dailycreateidea
  • getridof¬†(6) — dailycreateidea
  • getridof¬†(7) — dailycreateidea

None of these photos quite made the cut to their entirety. They are labeled as such for me to know to delete them during my computer sweeps.

~Lastly, My Reflection on my contribution to SpiritXpress!! and overall assessment for group process:

  • I think overall we had a great start. We were able to contact via Twitter and come up with a name and decided the Autumn theme and interview style show
  • The hardest part of working as a group was not getting to meet with everyone in person. To my knowledge only Amber and myself got together to work on tweaking the radio show together and getting to fully communicate. Which was very beneficial in my opinion.
  • My contribution to the show was to interview about family fall traditions, in which my family and I have a lot of; therefore, the show was fun and exciting to do. It didn’t even feel like homework.
  • Our show, in my opinion sounds great overall. The topic for each of the interviews is great and our group definitely WANTED to get the job done(: and I have to be honest and say though: that it might have been even better if we were able to work together in person. (:
  • Audio to me is rough waters… but it also can be a lot of fun! Before DS106 I had NO clue what it even meant to edit audio.. but now it just keeps getting better and better (:

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