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Waiter, Can I get a DailyCreate Story over here?

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~ Week 9 DailyCreates and a story to link them together ~


*DailyCreate October 23rd*

A Land of Rocks..

Take a photo of rocks! Well this task was easy enough. I took a photo of the run-off rocks in my neighborhood. I tweaked it in Photoshop to make it more effective(:


Powerful statements… The Egyptian Pyramid
*DailyCreate October 26th*

Power.. The pyramid. It is everywhere.

The shape of an Egyptian pyramid in my opinion is a POWERRRRFULLLL statement. We see it everywhere. In places such as restaurants to churches. It’s everywhere. This photo is from a church in Boston I visited recently. (:


My Most Prized Possession, My faith in Jesus Christ (:
*DailyCreate October 27th*

My faith in Jesus Christ.

Faith in Jesus Christ is truly my most prized possession. My faith is what I am most proud of. I am so thankful to know Him and His love and forgiveness. This photo is from a church in Boston that I visited recently. This photo’s lighting was off so I used the lighting effects to tweak it up.


Once upon a time, there was a land of rocks. Now in this land there was a Mister Rock and a Miss Rock and they wanted to get married. They wanted to do so in a powerful statement church(: So they visited several churches across the land and finally came to St. Luke’s in Boston, MA. There they got hitched and lived happily ever after. The end. (:

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