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Audio Assignment 1

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This assignment was a lot of fun! I read from Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? I was lucky enough as a child to have a mother who loved to read to us in different voices and emphasize sounds and such.

Here’s the reading:

It was worth 3 stars and really pretty easy to do. I recorded myself on my built in computer microphone. The only problem is that it spits out the audio in a really weird format. I found something online that allowed me to change the format to a mp3 super fast, and it worked! I then uploaded it to soundcloud.

I chose this book because it is so different and so exciting to read. If anyone else was going to do this assignment, I would recommend picking a book that is pretty diverse and allows for creativity. My voice is not the most pleasant sound to me, but I was having a lot of fun making the noises and prompts that it wanted me to do. Yes, it also probably gets obnoxious, but oh well! I love it!

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