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Audio Assignment #3

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I love poetry, so I loved this assignment. It’s only worth 1 star, which maybe should be worth more, but oh well.


I read Daddy by Sylvia Plath. 1. I love Sylvia because she’s brilliant and we have the same birthday (oct 27). 2. My dad is not involved in my life and this poem aptly sums up my feelings.

I recorded myself with my built in microphone in my laptop. I then uploaded it to soundcloud (it might have taken a few tries at recording with rhythm). The poem can be found here.

I love audio assignments and this one was probably my favorite. I also read poetry for the roadtrip radio show. I love the rhythm that comes with reading poetry. The words take on their own meaning and spoken word is SO powerful. To recite this poem was liberating because people always ask about my dad, but I never really tell the truth. This poem is my way of declaring I’m done. So thanks ds106.

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