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Daily Creates Week 7 & 8

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October 11:


My left hand is pretty weak at drawing obviously. I made the drawing in paint, and then uploaded it to flickr. I did cheat a little and use the preformed shapes for the head. (oops, I didn’t want to embarass myself too much).

October 12:

the first thing i see

Yes, that is the first thing I see every morning. It is really hard to see but the time says 6:11 AM. I have to be at work by 7 so I get up with enough time to feel awake and drink a cup or two of coffee. It’s rough seeing those numbers though.

October 13:

I REALLY LOVE READING POETRY! Emily Dickinson is a little too boring for me, and kind of depressing…she’s the one that writes about death all of the time, right? I know it doesn’t make sense, I love Plath (who was very depressed) and hate Dickinson but oh well. Her style doesn’t roll of the tongue as well, but it does have flow, which is nice.

October 15:

Fenced in!

This is my dog Juno, and the fence that keeps her in. My other dog, Waldo is light enough to jump over it so Juno is the only one the fence works for. It’s really funny though because Juno is fat and spends a lot of time standing right up at the fence and looking out. She’s funny and the fence itself is a hot mess, it’s chicken wire and posts that has a very utilitarian purpose.

October 18:

Someones who mean a lot to me

I did not take this photo and nor was it taken on the 18th. My sister on the far right is in the Army and is stationed in El Paso, so we almost never see her in person. But my family is everything to me.  This is the most recent photo we have, and it was taken almost 2 christmases ago. Since it’s mainly the four of us, it’s hard to get a picture with all four of us in it. So, it means an awful lot to me.

October 20:

number drawing

This was a challenging daily create! I liked it a lot though, because I love challenges! I knew it would have to be a simple drawing because I am not the best artist and paint doesn’t help my child-like drawing skills. But ones and zeros seem to be just about everywhere! I didn’t even think about it before, but this daily create made me pay more attention to my surroundings too!


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