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Six Daily Creates

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This first Daily create is to draw an emotion with you non dominate had. This posed quite a challenge it took a total of three tries to draw anything resembling a heart for love.

TDC 277

Show what we first do when we get up in the morning. And with me being an avid Ds106er, I check the daily create page to see what I might need to be on the look out for throughout the day.

TDC 278

The next daily create was my favorite of the two weeks as a result of what I managed to relate to it. It prompted us to show a wall or fence in a different light. I went to New York city for fall break and happened to have taken this wonderful picture of the center of the hotel we stayed in. I thought this reflected on the beauty that simple walls and fences can posses in the right atmosphere and design.

TDC 281

Take a photo of something that means alot to you. I took a photo of a photo, my grandfather who was a mentor to me growing up and a great person, and my first ever tennis tournament victory with my trophy. I will never forget the feeling I had when this picture was taken.

TDC 284

Draw a picture only using the numbers 1,6,0. My hand artistic talent tends to be sub par most of the time so i choose to go with a simple stick figure drawing of a person.

TDC 284

Photograph some soup today. Sitting next to me on the fridge when i read this assignment was my glorious Souper Meal!!

TDC 287

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