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Two fer one! Weekly summary for week 7 and 8.

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Through out the two weeks we had to complete 10 points worth of audio projects. Typically when I see that I do my best to get 10 done and fine the ones that equal 10 and not more, this week I looked through out the assignments and really enjoyed some of the topics so I ended up doing a little bit more than 10 points of audio projects. Below are links to each of the audio project blogs.

1) Chipmunkkd’ my favorite artist….mixed emotions. (3 stars) 

2) Time is love Ringtone (2 stars) 

3) Go Dog Go!!! 

4) OMG white after labor day.

Another assignment we had to complete was to drop 4 un-used media into a shared ds106-phonar recycling project.  The names of the media are listed below..
1) ADStegePhotoblitz reject 1.jpg
2) ADStegePhotoblitz reject 2.JPG
3) ADStegePhotoblitz reject 3.JPG
4) ADStegePhotoblitz reject 4.JPG

Like usual we had to complete daily creates for the week. ¬†Sense week 7 and 8 were combined we had to complete 6 daily creates total. ¬†The link to the dailycreate summary blog is below….

Radio Show wrap up…
TO begin our radio show adventure, our group had to come up with a theme for the show. ¬†We started by creating a chat on canvas where we all put in our thoughts for what our theme should be. ¬†We then took votes on what theme would be best for our group and expanded more onto them. ¬†Halfway through creating the topic we moved it to email because not everyone was getting reliable notifications about posts onto canvas, but everyone was getting the emails. ¬†The easiest part about the project was choosing the topic. ¬†The hardest part was by far getting communication with some of the group members. ¬†We made sure to notify the professor through out the process to let him know the situation and we did our best to use all communication lines, twitter, email, canvas, etc… to get in contact with the individuals. ¬†To chose what all people contribute we first separated what all needed to be done for the show and then we decided to pick straws to see who got what parts, which I thought was clever and fair. ¬†In completion of the show I think it turned out great and our parts went together really well. ¬†I think we achieved our goals and it turned out better than I expected it to, sense we were all new to the process. It is safe to say as this class has progressed the work has become more challenging when it comes to audio, but through the weeks I have been able to gain more knowledge on how to make things that seemed really difficult at the beginning seem like a piece of cake now. ¬†This experience has been great and has kind of showed me that not everything that looks extremely difficult and overwhelming, isn’t always that way. ¬†Usually the hardest part is just getting started and once you get started everything just seems to fall into place.

Even though it wasnt clearly assigned I wrote a blog about the progression of the radio show throughout week 8 and the link for that is below….

I also thought it would be cool to complete the 7 comments on 7 blogs challenge, the blog about that is linked below…

Overall week 7 and 8 was probably my favorite of weekly assignments. ¬†It had a lot of work required but it didn’t seem as daunting as the other weeks.


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