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Visual Assignment- 10 starS

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My favorite Super Hero is Wolverine. Wolverine is the second most popular character in Marvel Comics after Spider-man.
The reason I like Wolverine is because he’s similar to me in a few ways. He likes to drink beer, get into bar fights,
woo beautiful women and he’s a samurai, he’s also a member of many superhero teams. He is the prime example of a multitasker
of sorts. One of the major reasons why he’s awesome is because he’s not afraid to completely eliminate villains. I feel
that other superheroes like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman only help create more villains. Wolverine is preemptive, he strikes
the enemy before the enemy becomes a bigger threat.


Got a problem Bub?!!!


I created a Collage of two cheetahs. The effects of the collage obscures the mechanical cheetah.I chose the cheetah
for the real life to cartoon collage because I wanted to know if a mechanical cheetah could outrun a real life
cheetah. Would the mechanical cheetah overheat at certain speeds? I think a mechanical cheetah would be awesome
for future cops to have , especially in a dysotpian future. I think lions are overrated and so are tigers. Cheetahs
can really get you if they wanted. 2 Points!

This visual assignment is quotes about a celebrity. I figured Obama is a well known celebrity. So, here we go! 2 points!

What’s the Meme? 2 points..
This is Rush Limbaugh spewing conservative gospel on his radio show. He’s a legend amongst those who love him and
a charlatan to those who dislike him. He’s weird but less nutty than Glenn Beck.

I overedited myself!!! woooo, I look pretty red. 1 point..
Overedit Yourself

This is a photo of me and the aunt dancing with the draw video effect.

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