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Pippa Article Re-do Blog

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So I redid a article about Pippa Middleton. Here is my redo.

The original article was about her meeting with children, which I added a slightly negative spin to.

I put the X-ray goggles in my bookmarks from hackasaurus. This was a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC idea. Whatever text you click once the goggles are activated, you can edit. So I also found a picture of Pippa that was slightly less flattering, made reference to her butt, and really enjoyed turning innocent sentences into something more awful. I saved the html code that resulted, and when I got to my blog, I activated the HTML option of posting (as opposed to visual) and just pasted the code. I don’t know how, but it worked like magic! woohoo! so excited. I was so nervous about this assignment because I am not really into hacking or anything, but now it would be a fun way to prank people on april fools day or something.

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