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Radio Shows

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The DespicablesĀ Despicables Show

The picture is great. Some of the sound is off. The bumper was painful to listen to. It sounded like it was recorded from a radio with feedback and then the clicking of the computer could also be heard. I like the intro with music. However, the music sounds echoey. Their use of halloween sound affects sets the theme very well for the show. It’s cool how they have story call ins. The radio people’s response makes me laugh. It’s so nonchalant. The transition music worked well to transition from each story. The weather conversation is funny too. We get it. She likes the weather. haha :) However, the static background wasn’t pleasant. The happy birthday sound affect was great. There is no problem figuring out what the theme here is. Every call is about Fall and Halloween. The remix to Beethoven was bumpin! :) The sound level and clarity of it was perfect too. Actually, It got even better with the creepy music break down. I don’t know if they actually created this. But, if they did it is fantastic. They only thing I can’t really see is a sense of drama. There are stories, but Ā I wouldn’t say they are drama. However, knowing they are creating both calls and hosts, they themselves are the drama more then the story of their show.


Our Roadtrip RadioShow. Ā Road Trip Radio

The beginning was a little rough in points. One recording sounded different then the others. Once the show got started that wasn’t a problem. The sound affects came together great. We only had some trouble with everything going fast (the dialogue). The voices do sound similar the whole time. Like you can tell we aren’t actually in a car or the woods. However, i don’t see how that could’ve been changed. Our bumper, commercial, transition music and Ā  personal dialogues all came in at the right time. The twang music cracks me up. Probably my favorite part of the show. When mom talked after the car accident was one of the best personal dialogues. I think that was because it sounded different (maybe softer) and the listener could tell it wasn’t live dialogue. Actually, “Grace the surfer” has a ending that can also be identified as the personal dialogue. The structure of the show is great. We used personal dialogue to explain what was going on. There is a story and definitely drama! Look how many crazy things go wrong! haha Camping, the car breaks down, and then an amazing ending. All my team mates did an awesome job and did their part. I think it’s great for our first radio show. I’d give our show about a 7 or 8. Everything worked together pretty well and their are only a few areas that aren’t cohesive.

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