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  1. waveridengal405

    How to clean a fish: Spot


    Went pier fishing last week and brought home a cooler full of Spot. It is pretty rewarding to catch what you eat. I find importance in being a part of the ecosystem and knowing where your food comes from.

    But, one thing you must know when catching your own meal …

  2. waveridengal405

    Victory at Sea

    Environmental degradation is a real thing and the damages of pollution are adding up. You may not be able to see, at this point, the direct effects of your trash can. However, we are becoming more aware of the vast, negative impact our trash is having on the environment. How long will we be able ...
  3. waveridengal405

    Headinā€™ Down South




    Road-trips are among my favorite things. There are a few essentials to a good trip : Wave riding equipment, Bathing suit, a classy suitcase (which i was super stoked to find in my attic) , and something to capture it all. This road trip is taking me down …

  4. waveridengal405


    Kirby Ferguson has created video series that verbalizes the idea of “i’ve seen that somewhere before”. As I watched his film Everything is a Remix Part 1 i realized the reality of remix. How so many things we think to be “original” … Continue reading
  5. waveridengal405

    Weekly Summary

    Everyone’s radio show turned out pretty cool. It’s awesome to scroll down the page and see all the different themes. I listened, again, to ours this week with a critics ear. I realized a couple week points but also enjoyed … Continue reading

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