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Kirby Ferguson has created video series that verbalizes the idea of “i’ve seen that somewhere before”. As I watched his film Everything is a Remix Part 1 i realized the reality of remix. How so many things we think to be “original” are in fact a remix of something old. I found his film quite interesting. He showed song lyrics and traced them back to older song lyrics. Now a days we think of remix as a picture or movie redone. Where we can tell and recognize it’s origin (if to say it was not also a remix) and see the differences that have been added to it. However, with songs as an example, many ideas don’t show they came from something already created although they have. So it is very likely that everything we see and hear is a reproduction of an other artist or a knock off. No need to re-invent the wheel ehh?

So, on to examples and things that have been reproduced, copied, and mashed up.

Let Us Never Speak Of This Thing Again The most significant thing I personally got from this article was that remixes can be a powerful things. Commercials and advertisement hold a great power of influence. But, for that media who negatively impacts our society remixes are coming for you. That is, to take everything they use to sell their product against them.

Creativity isn’t magic. Ferguson says this in Everything is a Remix Part 3. This is a concept also presented in Steal Like an Artist. Basically, We must study, understand, practice and COPY in order to produce greatness.

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