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Daily Creating

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Wow this was a crazy week. Sandy through our schedules for a twirl. It was nice to have two days to breath (more like work on stuff).

Funny, One of the daily creates was about the storm. To show our best representation of the storm. I didn’t actually snap a shot of the storm. But instead, I used a throw back for this daily create. I edited one of my old pictures to express this storm. Now, in your mind you may think it doesn’t count as a “daily create”. However, the thought behind it truly represents the sadness  Sandy and her destruction brought to my life.  So it is new because there is now a new meaning behind an old photo.


This is a picture from a day on the beach in Hatteras. I grew up going to Hatteras. We have friends who have become family down there. I remember waking before the sun driving down the street to wave my family good bye on the charter boats. And the excitement as we stood around the dock, later that afternoon, watching them throw in tuna and dolphin they had caught. Even this year My friends and I would up at 4am to drive down for a great day of waves. It is a second home. My heart goes out to Hatteras as they were hit Hard by the storm. The reality from pictures of the destruction has still not set in.  Dunes that we would stand on to check the waves far down the beach are now flattened. Roads look like they were hit by a serious earth quake. The small Island is almost gone. It is a sad week.

Another daily create was to make something look not it’s size.

This is my little turtle. We found him on the road. The poor little dude was trying to make it across to the ditch. But, I didn’t want him to get hit so we picked him up. As we released him, I got a close up. He looks so big. But he is tinny!



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