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Weekly Summary

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Ready Your tool Box!

This week I looked into several movie editing resources. Looking at the list Tools for the Trade I realized how far we have come and how much i’ve learned to use. Now, moving into the film editing part of this course I see I still have much to learn. I looked over some different websites and things I will need in the upcoming weeks. I already have IMovie on my Mac. I’ve used this once I believe. But, it was several years ago…so to say the least i’ve yet to master it. I have some skills of downloading and editing clips from creating my gift. I can use such things as GIMP and Fast Free movie downloader.  I believe my greatest too will be IMovie so i’m experimenting and becoming familiar with it this week. I learned that FFMpegX is a program that allows me to convert videos from one media to another. And will most likely be important for this portion of the class. But, I believe MPEG streamclip does similar work and I’ve used it already in this course.


There is a lot more going on with in films then I’ve ever none.”How to Read a Movie“ by Roger Ebert shows how much video’s can display. Even the movement, placement, and angle of shots can speak meaning into a movie. Watching examples of films after reading over this really made the concepts set in. Each different angel of a shot makes you feel either a part of the action or as just a bystander. I experimented with these technics of reading film this week.

I used the things I learned as I watched scenes from Good Will Hunting. Viewing the clip 3 separate times, I was able to focus in on the details. Reading Film was my post that walked through the 3 times I listened or viewed the clip.

I went more into detail on this film. I also used two different scenes from the movie to emphasize how the shots can make you feel a part of the scene. Check it out on my post :Good Will Hunting

The upcoming weeks seem difficult. I have a lot on my plate so I am a little weary and scared as I view the assignments. Hopefully it wont be as much as it seems. I picked several projects I think i will work on this week and talked about them in Pre- Production.

Daily creates this week have a little touch of old times. Actually, they are kind of sad as I look back on a place I loved. But, there is also some good. And in anything, creation and expression is always good.Daily Creating



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