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Weekly summary for week 9.

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This week we wrapped up our radio shows and presented them on ds106 radio.  We then had to write a blog reviewing our own show and another show we were assigned to review… the blog for that assignment is linked below.

We also had to complete an assignment where we had to manipulate a page to appear as if it is telling a different story and then write a blog about it…the blog for that assignment is linked below….

Besides that assignment we had to complete 5 stars worth of web assignments, I completed to web assignments, equaling 5 stars, the links for the blogs are listed below….

The last thing that was completed this week was to turn the daily creates into a story… At first I thought it was going to be challenging sense often times the daily creates vary largely in idea/theme. The story ended up not being too difficult to come up with, which I was happy about…the link for the daily create into a story blog is below….

Overall week 9 was rather challenging, I feel like I was not able to fully grasp what all I was to do in some sense, but was able to get everything done.  I look forward to learning new ways in which to complete similar assignments in the future.

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