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ADAMM Show Review

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My group’s project was the ADAAM show. First of all I thought our group did a great job coordinating our pieces and perfecting our sections. What we needed more of I thought was more collaboration within the body of our radio show. We met often and discussed the best way for us to move forward with our pieces and be successful. But, our individual pieces did not¬†interweave¬†as well as they could have.

  • Quality of audio sound- Good audio quality in most segments
  • Quality of audio editing – the¬†sound effects, edits, and¬†transitions¬†were all great.
  • Use of sound effects- The sound effects added a lot to the stories
  • Use of music- Not a large amount of music used, but when it was it added to the show
  • Good show structure
  • It is seperate stories into a greater halloween/autumn theme
  • 4.5 star show
ADAAM show Radio:

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