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SpiritXpress Review/A Road to Somewhere

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I really like this show, there were just a few minor issues for me.

Quality of audio sound: I liked the levels chosen. My only problem was with the clicking noises that were on the last recording of the show. Also, there was minor background noise on a few, but nothing that really detracting from the narration.

Quality of audio editing: I think they put it together very well. It may have helped to have music transitions or to make some of the narrators a call-in or special segment and have it introduced as such. The editing overall was pretty good.

Use of sound effects: the only sound effects used are the crunching leaves, which help provide continuity. I would have liked more fall sounds, but leaves sums up most of the fall sounds I can think of. A small soundscape might have been helpful for transitions.

Use of music: There was no music used that I recognized. Again, this might have served as a nice transition (the song Boys of Fall comes to mind) but with the program they chose to do, music was not necessary.

Does this show have a structure: Yes, although at times it has loose cohesion. Because of the differences in the segments, this is where a bumper or some sort of “back to you for the weather” transition would have helped. Also, each of the speaking segments were good, but got boring within 3 minutes. I think it could have been spiced up by shorter segments that were tied together with music/sound stories.

Does it tell a story: Yes. Each person gave their own special spin to fall. The segment I really enjoyed was the conversational quality of the first one, and also the one where the person interviewed her mom (so adorable).

Stars: Well, I’m a strong believer in effort making up a good portion of the grade, so I’d give this project a 4.5/5. It sounded like they tried really hard, but some minor elements were missing.


Quality of sound: Pretty good. Shawn has an awesome mic which really helped. For some reason, my recording dips down at one point during the Whitman reading, but other than that, I think our sound levels are good.

Quality of audio editing: I cannot take credit for the editing! Shawn and Kendall stitched it all together. I did however, put background noise on my whitman, which I think enhanced it with the nature-y sounds.

Use of sound effects: Shawn ribbited for my commercial, which was awesome. Kendall made a sound story which I thought was fantastic and even though it was long, I WANTED to listen to it.

Use of music: Because we did the soundscape, Kendall used one of the assignments to mash together some classic road songs. I helped her with the list (with like 1 suggestion) and she went to town mashing it together.

Does the show have a structure: Yes. I think the way the layout went really added to the different elements. We also had decided that we wanted to evoke and not really put a single idea of a roadtrip in anyone’s head. The loose structure allowed our listeners to decide for themselves what road trip they were envisioning themselves on.

Does it tell a story: Yes. Each different element tells a story. Together, they compile the weirdness of a roadtrip, which often involves different emotions and feelings.

Stars: for me, 4/5. for Kendall and Shawn: 5/5-they did a fantastic job editing it all together.


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