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Imag[in]ing the Streets in Google Street View

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In this web assignment I must use images from Google Street View to make a story.

Frank’s Salt Water Taffy is the best in all of Virginia. He makes taffy at Forbes’ Salt Water Taffy in Virginia Beach, VA down Atlantic Avenue, and he is so passionate about his taffy, he even decked out his whole van with his passion of making Forbes’ Taffy. It’s a good thing he can use Google Maps as an alibi, because his wife has been suspicious about his late hours and whereabouts when he goes to work. She does not appreciate the effort it takes to make the best taffy in all of Virginia, and how time consuming it must be. Here is a picture of Franks’ van at work. Exactly were he said he would be.Forbes Taffy

Poor Frank. His wife is obsessed with the idea that Frank isn’t where he says he is. You can see her friend Linda walking her dog past the shop like clockwork every morning to spy on Frank.Frank's wife It may be that Frank is aware of his wife’s spying, but most believe Frank is a stand up guy and is as true a husband as his taffy is true in good taste. Frank’s best friend Al has always had is back. Frank feels so sad about the fact that his wife has no faith in him, he often spends time with Al at their favorite bar pictured here.Frank's bar Maybe if Frank spent less time at the bar with Al, and came home to his family earlier, his wife wouldn’t have to worry as much. Until then, poor old Frank endures knowing that he makes the best taffy in Virginia, and he has great best friend in Al, and a wife that cares about him enough to keep holding on.

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