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Week 9 is now Fine!

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The Radio Shows were a success! It’s disappointing to see my group members are pointing fingers about who contributed what, and complaining about the lack of coherency of our group when we had such a successful product. My only thing to say about that is that everyone contributes in their own way. Though the attempts to get a group to go to Kings Dominion weren’t successful, people still contributed in the creation of the radio product. In discussion classes, people have different ways of contributing to an effective discussion that may or may not be directly apparent, but if it leads to a successful discussion, then then everyone can benefit. Personally, I helped orientate the group by giving concrete advise and suggestions to help develop the ideas of our group and generate concrete objectives by collaborating with the other group member’s ideas. The fact the people in the group point fingers when we had a successful product that everyone contributed to is disappointing and misguided based off of the structure I have learned from my several years in college of what makes a successful collaboration.

All that said, I was really excited hearing a radio show I contributed to on DS106 radio! I asked a few of my Facebook friends to tune in to help us out, and I got home just in time to hear my group’s radio program go on the air live. I had class that Monday night that ended at 7:15, so I had to rush home in my Mustang that you will see in my Week 9 Daily Creates here. Overall our Haunting Theme Parks show was successful, and I wrote up a blog post about it as well as the Autumnal Radio Show here.

Moving on from the Radio Shows, the Web Assignments this week were FUN! It was awesome seeing what I could do to a website using Google X-Ray Goggles. I might even use these to trick my friends and to my own benefit because I’m evil like that. You can see my work here, as I edited Twitter to look like it was hi-jacked by Pirates (of course). I then told a story about poor Frank and his taffy business using Google Street View. In my final Web Assignment, I used the Way Back Time Machine to analyze how YouTube has changed since 2005. Here is a link to that assignment.

Now for the weekly reminiscing. This week had fun assignments on a crazy crazy crazy week. The beginning of the week I dedicated to my last two midterms which majorly stressed me out, but they are over now. The biggest mistake so far has been laughing at Sandy. My friends and I are crazy, so we decided to go to Virgina Beach to watch Hurricane Sandy roll in. I made sure that the Hotel I was at had reliable wireless internet, so I brought my laptop down to do homework there all weekend. “Hahahahaha!” said Sandy. I was working on the web assignments, when the internet connection whigs out and finally just fails. I have settings on my Firefox to erase cookies and temporary internet files when I close my browser, so I always have one quick browser ready when the others are acting up. This has worked out well so far because Firefox is the only browser that will work for a lot of the sites that this course asks me to use. The downfall is I lost allllllll my webpage work when that happened. Oh well, I made lemonade out of this lemon, and did my Daily Creates while I could. Then I went home with the idea that I would do all the rest of the work when I got home. “HAHAHAHAHA!” said Sandy. She huffed and she puffed, and she shut my FiOS down. So now McDonalds has gotten very used to me today. Yes, I’ve been doing all my work at McDonalds. Laugh as much as you want, they have free WiFi, a generator, and a TV, so I have no worries about the power going out, the internet going out, or not having a hot, artery clogging meal. I have finished my work, and now for open heart surgery. When that’s done, I’ll be ready for Week 10!

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