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The Beginning of Video Techniques

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I have decided to take this week preparing for videos very slow. I think the video aspect is a really interesting topic, as I really enjoy to watch movies. I have never really noticed any techniques or things when I watch a movie, just that everything (video shots, camera angles, dialogue, special effects, actors) all come together to form one theatrical experience.

I started off watching some of the videos posted and was really surprised at how many of the camera angles and shots I could recognize from some of the movies. I had never noticed them when I watched the movie, but now that they have been specifically pointed out to me I realize how much they do add to the experience.

The video on the Top 20 cinematic techniques was most interesting to me. It had no explanations, just text and a camera angle. I liked this because while I was watching the clips I was trying to figure out why the angle was called what it was. Most of them were pretty basic (Long take, steady cam) and explained what the camera was doing. I liked this video because it had so many examples.

My next favorite video was Camera Angles and techniques. This video actually had an explanation of how a few camera angles are actually established. I found this very interesting.

I watched a few of the other videos from the list, but found these two to be the most interesting/informative.


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