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Pre-Production: Return to the Silent Era

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For next week’s assignments I decided to do Return to the Silent Era. I have always thought silent movies were really cool and thought it would be really cool to turn a modern day movie into one. I started trying to think of movies that would work really well with this idea. I came up with Finding Neemo. I’m actually not sure how this film is going to convert into a Silent film, but I am willing to try it out.

To prepare for this assignment, I have downloaded a trailer for the movie using keepvid. I also looked through some of the previous assignments to see what others had done and if there were any tutorials on how to do this assignment. Unfortunately, none of them were using Windows movie maker. But I did get a few ideas of what I want to do.

First, I want to cut out the words already in the trailer. I have a few ideas of words I want to put in to tell the story, but haven’t finalized it yet. Most silent films are in black and white, but I also want to add the “old timey” effect to it. I went and looked at the effects Windows Movie Maker has to offer and found a film age old, older, and oldest. I am going to choose one of those when I upload my clip. Lastly, I am going to cut out all of the sound (it is a silent film) and add a sort of ragtime piano type music. Hopefully, with the combination of all of these tools and effects I can create a modern silent film!

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