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More on the Pursuit of Happyness

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Many times the viewers of the movie don’t know or understand the details that go into making a movie. However, you can easily find these interesting facts through wikipedia or imdb. While I was further researching the movie I cam across many details about the making of this movie. It is actually a biography based on the life of Chris Gardner and his struggle through being homeless. In the movie title, happyness is actually purposely spelled wrong due to a sign that Chris Gardner saw when he was homeless outside of a daycare center his son attends. Many of the details of Gardner’s life that took place in the movie over a span of years were compressed down to fit into the 117 minutes allowed. Gardner also thought that Will Smith was mis-cast to play him, but fortunately was set straight by his daughter. Gardner also makes a cameo appearance in the film and is acknowledged by Will Smith who plays him.

Since this film is about someone’s personal life I was categorize this film to be a biography. According the the film’s imdb site the genre is a Biography or Drama.

I took two other scenes from the movie that had details that I described in my review of movie details.  In the first scene I found that the character that has the most power was always on the right side. I found this to be true in several other clips that I watched from the movie, however this one was most prominent. The second scene was one where I described a camera technique that sort of went back and forth through conversation.

To create this montage of the two scenes, I downloaded the videos using keepvid. It was very simple and this tutorial explains how to do it but does require Java. I then used MPEG streamclip to cut and combine the videos.


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