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Summarization #11 & 12

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Two weeks of video assignment week are over! Doing these assignments I realized that every little detail counts in a movie. If one title slide or the music is off it can throw the whole movie out of proportion. It also takes a lot to make these things perfect. I spent around an average of 1 to 4 hours doing a video assignment. The longer ones were mostly due to technical difficulties or the fact that I just really enjoyed the assignment, but that is still long for this class.

I think one of the biggest things in video making is audio. I found that many of my clips seemed empty without music in the background. You could also completely change the meaning of a video using audio. In one of my assignments I played music over a classic movie clip that was supposed to be romantic and changed it into what looked like a music video!

Overall, the main thing I learned about videos is one small change can alter the whole story the video is trying to tell! It was fun creating new things and changing old ones.

Silent Movie– 5 stars

Opening credit Redux– 4 stars

Watching with the stereo on– 3 stars

Framed– 2 stars

What is your pet thinking?– 2 stars

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