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What is a remix?

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I first started this assignment by watch the book trailer about the steal like an artist book. This book highlights what creativity is in our lives. It takes and interesting stance with the main point being how we are essentially a mash-up of what we let into our lives. So with the right combination, anybody can be creative.

Everything is a remix,

This concept really is quite true in today’s society. As you go back and┬áanalyze┬ámany popular things in today’s culture you find yourself in a massive┬ámash up┬áof remixes. Most evident in music, the constant remake of popular melodies and music ranging from all artists. The most famous being Stairway to Heaven.

Examples of remixes:

Youtube Duet. Improvisation, this remix absolutely inspired me. I thought the idea for the remix utilizing the volumes and songs from two different purposes really was amazing. This remix highlights how simple it can be.

Weird Al, is well known for his very public and popular remixes and parodies to others work. His work highlights how a little twist on the creativity can completely change something.

The Call me maybe remix has been exploding around the country highlighting different levels of technical talent. But also, showing how anyone can put their own spin on something the below star wars remix of it using dialogue is quite amazing and my guess quite time consuming.




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