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Final Summarization

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My Final Project really brought my whole semester of ds106 together. I felt it really completed my whole blog/meaning of the semester. I frequently worked with my favorite movie, Finding Nemo. I would use pieces of the movie in random assignments. In my final project I tell the whole complete story and add a bit of a modern twist. I used web, visual/design, and audio in my assignment. I took different pieces and weaved the story together in the final post.

I still agree with my ideas of digital storytelling. I started my idea of what digital storytelling is by saying “To add digital to storytelling creates a whole new world”. I still believe that is true and I believe that I accomplished that through this class. I created new things from old things, remixed, created new audio, and new visual things. I still believe that digital opens up a whole new world to the idea of general storytelling. They can be accessed by so many people. I’ve had friends randomly come across one of my projects on youtube. It’s truly amazing what adding digital does to the idea of storytelling.

The idea of my new assignments and daily creates were to come up with a simple idea that I would have chosen if I was a new ds106 student. For my tutorials I wanted to do something helpful. I know when I was doing video assignments a big thing was a bit of trouble having to use WMM. So I did one tutorial on how to convert videos and general tips on WMM.

When deciding what went into my best work category I chose assignments that I had a good feeling about. I remember feeling really accomplished and proud when I finished these. And trust me, that was definitely rare. My all time favorite assignment was Howling for the Lady and the Tramp. I just felt like this assignment turned out really well. My Finding Nemo in Silence was probably my second favorite.

Basically just do you work is my advice. It’s truly that simple.

I’m honestly just glad this semester is over. It was definitely a long one.

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