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When Unicorns Explode Tutorial

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Our Masterpieces

In order to complete this assignment and earn the star it says it’s worth, there are three options.

1)  Make or take a picture that is a part of a story of something meaningful to you.  Write up the full story, in the manner that I have done on this post, and include your photo as a supporting piece to your story to help put us there. :)   Of course, the photo should be as COLORFUL as possible, whatever that means to you.

2)  In lieu of a story of words, embellish your photo in another way that takes the color to the extreme and brings smiles to your audience, so that it tells a kind of story all on its own.  This can be through any of your favorite editing programs such as Aviary, Photoshop, Cornify (thanks, Michael, for finding this awesome gem), Instagram, GIMP, Paint, or paint.netAbbey‘s submission is an awesome example of this option.

3)  This assignment can also be satisfied through creative presentation of your photo, in such a way that it creates a story in and of itself through its presentation alone, such as in this epic submission.

So, use the picture to tell a story, one way or another, either by giving the background of the picture with words, in great detail, or with fantastic editing, or by creative incorporation into your blog through a clever concept or perspective on the assignment.

It’s that simple!  The work behind this assignment is in the brainstorming of the story behind the photo and how to incorporate it.  Have fun!


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