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  1. crystalrose0784

    Lemme Sum-Up :)

    What a ride!!  Let me tell you all about it! No, it’s too much, lemme sum-up.   (You knew I had to get one more Princess Bride reference in there) Final Project I had a lot of fun making this project.  I still think the quality of work I produce is crappy, but nonetheless, I’m […]
  2. crystalrose0784

    Advice – from someone who’s been there ;)

    I decided to do this a little differently than my classmates.  I wanted a simple, easy-to-read, at-a-glance poster full of the main tips that I hadn’t seen in the advice videos I’d viewed coming in.  So, I went to Google Images, and found a cool poster background, uploaded it into GIMP, and went to work.  […]
  3. crystalrose0784

    The Best Day Ever on Facebook

    What if Spongebob and Patrick could use Facebook?  To document the Best Day Ever, I’m using the What They Might Have Done In Social Media Web Assignment. I followed the instructions on the Fakebook page to build the foundations (name Spongebob’s page, fill out his profile, give him friends, etc).  Then I started to type […]
  4. crystalrose0784

    Meme Wars

    Living it up in modern day style, as part of my Final Project, Spongebob and Patrick will spend part of the Best Day Ever in a meme war.  To do this, I’m using the Caption That assignment.  To be perfectly honest, though, I felt the assignment was too easy for two stars (either that or […]
  5. crystalrose0784

    Google Map History of The Best Day Ever

    To help summarize Spongebob’s Best Day Ever, we’re using the all-powerful magic of Google through the Google History Maps Story Web Assignment. I simply went to the site and followed the tutorial, and used a bit of creative license, and TADA!  Spongebob’s Travels on his Best Day Ever. View Spongebob’s Best Day Ever in a […]
  6. crystalrose0784

    Patrick’s Second Try

    As another part of my Final Project, I decided to give Patrick a second try at cheering Spongebob up (not being allowed to go to work is horrifically depressing for the best fry cook of all time). So to do this, I used the Onomatopoeias! Audio Assignment, and it was completed in the same way […]
  7. crystalrose0784

    Poor Uninteresting Patrick

    To add to my Final Project Story, I decided to take on the Audio Assignment called Uninteresting Story. To do this one, I found a YouTube video of Patrick telling Spongebob a story.  I grabbed it using my ‘Keep It!’ button on my toolbar.  I downloaded it as an mp4, and then uploaded it […]
  8. crystalrose0784

    Tutorials Summary

    Also to make it easier for my professor to access my work here, I’m posting a quick summary blog entry connecting the tutorials I’ve created this year. I did my tutorials for the two assignments I created, When Unicorns Explode and Inanimate Motion.  I pretty much just felt that if I was going to ask […]
  9. crystalrose0784

    Assignment Summary

    To help make it easier to find my assignments for my professor, I’ll go ahead and collect the two assignments I created this year into this one post (via link). Earlier in the semester, I submitted a Visual Assignment, When Unicorns Explode.  Honestly, I didn’t really know what I was doing when I created this […]
  10. crystalrose0784

    Inanimate Motion Tutorial

    For this assignment, it helps to begin with an overarching story in mind.  I chose to do this assignment in a way that it would contribute to the story I’m telling in my Final Project for ds106 – Spongebob’s Best Day Ever. So, I went digging through my kids’ toys for inspiration.    What kind ...
  11. crystalrose0784

    Don’t Mess With the Squarepants

    For my final project, I’m working on a media mess of projects all about Spongebob’s Best Day Ever.  I decided to create my own assignment for this to kick it off.  I’m going for incredibly cheesy and over-the-top, so I settled on this idea as a perfect fit. Picture this: Spongebob’s dancing along, whistling to ...
  12. crystalrose0784

    When Unicorns Explode Tutorial

    In order to complete this assignment and earn the star it says it’s worth, there are three options. 1)  Make or take a picture that is a part of a story of something meaningful to you.  Write up the full story, in the manner that I have done on this post, and include your photo ...
  13. crystalrose0784

    Summarizing Remixes

    This week represents my second complete failure. Unfortunately, I did not get to any of the work as I had hoped to this week.  And now that today has come, I am pathetically sick.  As in, I think I need to go to bed, because nothing productive is going to come from my efforts tonight.  ...
  14. crystalrose0784

    Researching Remixes

    For ds106 this week, we were required to do a bit of study on remixes, mashups, and as a result, copyright and fair use laws.  This week’s material we had to review was probably one of the most entertaining to date.  With the exception of a few, the majority of these were extremely likeable and ...
  15. crystalrose0784

    Multi-Media Mayhem!!!

    Wow.  The Final Project, huh?  (yes, capitalized.  It’s that important.)  Well, then. I think this calls for Spongebob Squarepants. I have to admit here, and give credit where it is due.  While I was drowning in panic, scrolling through all of ds106, the syllabus, the assignment repositories, inSPIRE, and twitter, I finally stumbled across something ...
  16. crystalrose0784

    Silence in the Moulin Rouge

    Video Assignment Return to the Silent Era – ds106 assignment worth 5 stars The dawn of cinema had no audio; silent movies created an atmosphere with music and the use of cue cards. Take a 3-5 minute trailer of a modern movie and render it in the form os the silent era- convert to black ...
  17. crystalrose0784

    Mad Miracle Max and His Witch

    Redub the Audio – 4 stars Take a classic movie (or heck any movie you like), and rescript the audio of a key scene. You will want to re-write the lines to change the meaning or intent of the scene, delete the original audio, and record your own (this can be done many ways, voiceover ...
  18. crystalrose0784

    Videos, Videos, One and All!

    The entirety of the past two weeks’ work in ds106 has consisted of video editing.  16 points of assignments have been done, for better or for worse.    They are listed here: Do the Hitch Cut – 4 stars Watching Movies with the Stereo On – 3 stars Redub the Audio – 4 stars Return ...
  19. crystalrose0784

    Does Fezzik Make the Cut?

    Do the Hitch Cut – ds106 Video Assignment worth 4 stars Alfred Hitchcock, the legendary master of suspense, shares a brief 90-second lesson on how a simple change in a three-shot edit can result in evoking a completely different response from the viewing audience. Can you do the Hitch Cut? Make two versions of a ...
  20. crystalrose0784

    Lead Me Through The Fire Swamp

    Watching Movies With the Stereo On – ds106 Video Assignment worth 3 stars Like when you have a movie playing on TV without the sound and you’ve got the stereo on at the same time. Take a clip from a movie, remove the audio, and add audio from a song or radio show that, somehow, ...
  21. crystalrose0784

    Reading Movies in Week 10

    The good news – I’m getting the last of my ds106 work in before the midnight deadline this week. The bad news – this is only because I have a research paper due tomorrow which is going to be what ultimately keeps me up well past midnight tonight anyway. BUT hey, I’ll take progress where ...
  22. crystalrose0784

    Pre-Production Exploration

    Part of the ds106 assignments this week includes doing pre-production work on two video assignments. The first video assignment I chose to do was Return to the Silent Era. To get an idea of how to do the assignment, and what it should look and feel like in the end, I checked out Silent Star ...
  23. crystalrose0784

    Exploring Women

    I began looking farther into the movie Scent of a Woman the way any self-respecting college student begins their research – I checked out the Wiki article.    If you read my prior post, you’ll remember that I had never seen nor heard of this movie prior to the ds106 assignment that lead me to ...
  24. crystalrose0784

    One Sense at a Time

    For the Week 10 Look, Listen, Analyze assignment, I chose to use the clip from Scent of a Woman – Women.  I chose this mostly because I have never seen nor heard of this movie.  I really wanted to see what kinds of things I would notice within the clip in the absence of any ...
  25. crystalrose0784

    WRTZ Radio Rawsomeness

    Haley, Dan, Paul, Rob, and Me. Remember that list.  It’s the Dream Team.  You don’t even know. When teams first started opening up to be formed, and I saw this one started, I did something I never usually do.  I asked to join in with this group. It must be something about having kids, getting ...
  26. crystalrose0784

    Weeks 7 and 8 Daily Creates

    Monday (the 8th) Take a photo, then edit that photo to the eXtreme, making the photo eXtraordinary. I took a shot of my friend tossing my other friend’s son up into the air.  It already seemed to be an eXtremely epic shot, so I decided to make it even moreso.   I hopped on into ...
  27. crystalrose0784

    Two Weeks of Audio Awesome

    Weekly Summary – wherein I kick the rear cheeks of some serious audio assignments.  Because nothing makes me cry without recompense.  Audio Assignments Audio.  Wow.  Just wow, audio.  So many tears for me.  I really can’t explain my stupid nervous tick that brings unwanted tears to my eyes and redness to my face when I ...
  28. crystalrose0784

    Over-Dramatic Reading

    Over-Dramatic Reading Choose any written material (a song, poem, short book, excerpt from a novel, scene from a television show, news article, etc.) and record a dramatic reading. Read your selection in a way that alters the message of the original material (at an odd pace, overly excited, sad, etc. — be creative, make it ...

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