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Meme Wars

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Living it up in modern day style, as part of my Final Project, Spongebob and Patrick will spend part of the Best Day Ever in a meme war.  To do this, I’m using the Caption That assignment.  To be perfectly honest, though, I felt the assignment was too easy for two stars (either that or I’m getting better at this…and we know *that* can’t be), so, I decided to make a bunch of them. :)

The entirety of my story will be tied together through a Fakebook I’m creating, or at least that’s the idea.  I admit to being a bit nervous about my grand plan now, since as of last night it wouldn’t let me into the page I had created using the link they gave me to do so.  So I may be re-making it today, although this makes me nervous as to whether it will be accessible for others to see once I’ve completed it.  I’m not sure what else to do but to cross my fingers, however, and maybe take a bunch of screen shots of the work I complete on it.  It’d be a shame if none of the links are able to be clicked on, though, as the whole idea was to tell the whole story and embed *all* of the  media I’ve created onto this Fakebook, woven into the conversation to help build the story…the way a Facebook stalker would view it. :)   But, if it doesn’t work, at least all the media will still be accessible through my blog – I’ll link to the Fakebook page as well as each of my own blog posts containing the original media I created for it.  Here’s hoping that’s enough.

But I digress.  Back to Caption That.

To get themselves pumped up for The Best Day Ever, Spongebob and Patrick begin posting memes back and forth.  To do this, I found a few images on Google and right-clicked to select Save Image As.  I saved them into my Caption That Assignment Folder, and then went to GIMP.   Once there, I resized the images if necessary, and selected the text tool and changed the font and size.  I settled on Segoe Print Bold, 18 for some of the memes, 14 for the last.  I selected the text boxes once the text was entered and selected the align tool and played with those settings to see what I liked best for each meme.

Finally, I saved a workable copy (as a .xcf), just in case I needed to get back to it in GIMP, and then exported each file as a .png.  Here you go!

Best Day Ever Meme 1 Best Day Ever Meme 2 Best Day Ever Meme 3 Spongebob and Patrick Meme 4

The conversation will make it funnier.  I think.  …I hope.  At least in my head it did.  :P

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