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The Best Day Ever on Facebook

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What if Spongebob and Patrick could use Facebook?  To document the Best Day Ever, I’m using the What They Might Have Done In Social Media Web Assignment.

I followed the instructions on the Fakebook page to build the foundations (name Spongebob’s page, fill out his profile, give him friends, etc).  Then I started to type in the story via conversation.  :)

I came to some frustration when I tried to change the photo in my soundcloud widget to reflect that Patrick supposedly made this for Spongebob.  It worked on my Soundcloud page, but I still had my photo showing up within Fakebook. :(   I’m not sure why.  But then, as the page crashed occasionally (I learned to hit the save button (again) meticulously), and reloaded, the Patrick picture appeared in one soundcloud widget, and the entire widget disappeared and turned to a dysfunctional link instead.  And of course, you can’t just edit anymore (where did that edit button go that was there before?!), and you can’t rearrange comments once they’re made. So I had to delete the comments below it and that post, re-insert the widget code and the comments following it, and save again.

And it’s a good thing I saved.  When I went to embed flickr photos next, it threw the entire page off.  Fakebook wouldn’t allow me to delete the post once it was made, it told me instead to contact the webmaster.  I had to reload the page to the last saved version.  So, the only thing I can do with photos in Fakebook, unfortunately, is to link to them.  That’s kinda lame, but it’s what I had to do.  At least the links work (or did at the time when I made this).  Hopefully none of my previously-working widgets or links break again on a reload. :P

So I finished embedding all of my media that I intended to use for the day of (12/10/12), and was about to post a few follow-up comments and posts for the day after, including the Google History map to show that Patrick and Spongebob got off of Facebook for the rest of the day, but wanted to show everybody the next day all the places they had been.  I also wanted to post a few videos and clips with some more dialog just for fun.  It remains to be seen if I’ll be able to do that or not, since the entire site crashed, and crashed my entire web browser (thank God I saved this summary in progress this time and my work in Fakebook).  Either way, assuming the site is working when anybody goes to check it out, here is Spongebob’s Facebook page.  I haven’t had a chance to take screenshots yet, but I will come back and add them if the page comes back up any time soon.  Enjoy!

I figured it out.  Since I needed a fake Twitter also, I used that as Spongebob’s day after post.  Kinda lame that I can’t embed the media again, or even make the link clickable, but if you copy and paste the link within the tweet, it works, and takes you to the Google History Map I created. :)   Score.

Twister Post

And I’m back into Fakebook.  Remember that you have to read it from the bottom to the top in terms of thread, top to bottom within each thread, because this is old style Facebook.  :)   Here’s the shots. I put them in order the best I could – preferably, though, the link above will work and you can just read it through it the way it’s intended. :)

Fakebook 1 Fakebook 2 Fakebook 3 Fakebook 4 Fakebook 5 Fakebook 6

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