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The Official, Final, Cohesive, Complete Story of the Best Day Ever

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My goal for my Final Project was to create some media around Spongebob’s Best Day Ever and weave it together in a way that wouldn’t require much writing and explanation in this post.  I want it to tell the story on its own.  However, I will still narrate, just  in case you get confused.  ;)

First, for ease of access, here’s the links to the media I created for this assignment.

This story is meant to be viewed through the Social Media assignment completely.  So, come along with me there.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the first post.  Spongebob is excited about going to work.  If I had been more elaborate, I would have included a post for every day that said the same exact thing, for 5,000 days straight.  But that seemed a bit like overkill, so I didn’t.  Mr. Crabbs is a bit concerned that Spongebob is so excited to come to work…because it’s his day off.  In the next post up, Spongebob has been told the news…and he’s devastated.  His buddy Patrick doesn’t understand why he’s upset though, and comes to the rescue.  Or tries to…

In his first attempt, he tells a horrifically Uninteresting Story (linked above and linked within Fakebook).

He really just makes things worse.  So he tries again.  He posts a link to a favorite joke that Patrick and Spongebob tell together.

It draws Spongebob’s interest.

Then, to seal the deal, Patrick begins posting silly captioned pictures (Caption That) of the two friends to make his buddy laugh.  It works, and Spongebob joins in on the fun.  He is convinced, and decides to spend his day off with Patrick.  He heads over.

Best Day Ever Meme 1

Spongebob and Patrick Meme 4

Best Day Ever Meme 2

Best Day Ever Meme 3

But on the way – OH NO!!  Confrontation!  Spongebob somehow captures this awesome duel (Inanimate Motion) and posts it for all his Fakebook friends to see.

But uh-oh!  Apparently that duckie meant something to Mr. Crabbs!  Patrick and Spongebob make a quick dash away from Social Media for the rest of the day, and embark on their travels for the Best Day Ever.

They don’t sign back on again until the next morning.  Spongebob has created a Google History map tracking their travels, and shares it with his friends on Fakebook and on Twister (What They Might Have Done In Social Media).  (Fakebook)  (Twister)

For fun, Squidward shares a rather lame music clip in an attempt to try to relate (Best Day Ever Dramatic Reading throwback – Hollar!), but Sandy trumps him with the rock version of the song.  Not really part of the Final Project, per se, but not something I could resist doing, either. ;)

Hope you enjoyed the story!!


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