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3 Daily Creates in Week 3

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It’s time for another round of…DAILY CREATES! For those of you just tuning in, Daily Creates (DC) are some kind of prompt that challenges you to be creative. This week, we had to do 3. Get ready for some ultimate creativity to come your way.

For the first DC I did this week, I had to write how to ”sell the breakfast you ate today as the daily special at a 5 star restaurant”. This was on Sunday, so my breakfast was a little bit more *special* than it normally is {granola bar} so I lucked out! Here is the Sunday’s breakfast special:

For starters, you will be served a large cup of Hazelnut coffee. The coffee will be served black with an assortment of sugars and creamers for you to add. Next, you will be served a medium sized ripe, greenish/yellow banana {guaranteed no monkey kisses – brown spots}. This banana was hand-picked especially for you by our own chef. A half of a Boston cream doughnut will be served on a separate plate, unless otherwise requested. This doughnut was made fresh and will leave you wanting more.

Yes, I know. Would you like to place your order? Oh yeah, 5 star restaurant…not Micky Dees :) For the next DC, I had to come up with an invention. Since it has been so cold lately in Virginia {and at my job, the coldness doesn’t stop the kids from going outside on the playground to play}, I thought I would come up with an invention that I wish really did exist. Maybe I will actually create it and become rich!!


It’s called an Eskimo Nose, for those chilly days your nose can’t stand. Your nose will thank you one day. Sooo who wants to fund my invention?? :) The last DC that I did for this week was to describe my biggest fear and how I can overcome it. Warning: You are about to read my biggest fear.

My biggest fear is not having enough money. As a college student, I don’t make a lot of money and it stresses me out like there’s no tomorrow. I shouldn’t fear it as much as I do. What I need to do is relax because in 1.5 years, I’ll have my Masters andbe a teacher…who still doesn’t make a lot of money………

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