1. klasalata

    Final Story Summary


    WHOAH! I can’t believe my final story is up and running {like I will be right after I post this :)}. I worked so hard on this project all week. I wanted to post all of the stories’ components at once, to not give anything away :)

    I had so …

  2. klasalata

    Sabrina, the Teenage Revenge Seeker


    Hey everyone!

    My name is Sabrina Spellman. I’m just your normal everyday teenager. Except for the fact that I found out I’m a witch on my sixteenth birthday. But no one knows, not even my best friend Valerie. Yeah. My life is kind of crazy. I love just about everything …

  3. klasalata

    One Way or Another


    For my third assignment for this final project, I chose to do Storytelling within the Web {*****} again. The reason I chose to do this assignment again was because I wanted to show how Sabrina reacted to Libby’s attempt to blackmail her. She obviously is going to seek revenge…I wanted …

  4. klasalata

    Some People Change


    For my last assignment of this final story was the Where Are They Now? {**} video assignment. I wanted to show everyone where the characters of this final story ended up. What changed, who changed, who stayed the same?? You’ll learn it all now :) I just hate when people …

  5. klasalata

    Here Comes Goodbye


    SAY WHAT!? This is the last blog post for DS 106??! How can this be?????

    For this class, we had to create assignments for future students to do. I had a lot of fun creating and coming up with my assignments, I just hope the future students have fun doing …

  6. klasalata



    These past two weeks, we have worked with remix and mashup. I have learned a lot about what remix is. I have found that explaining something to someone else is the best way to comprehend and show comprehension. I explained remix to my best friend, Allison. Read my post about

  7. klasalata

    Ordinary Girl


    For my other mashup assignment, I chose to do Actor Transformation {****}. You always see actors/actresses on television and movies that you say “wow, they have really grown up”. When I was reading this assignment’s details, one actress came to my mind. Miley Cyrus.

    I wanted my transformation video …

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