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A Reindeer and an Airstrike

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Two things I automatically associate with the word “blitz:”
1)  Blitzen
2)  Blitzkrieg

Anyway, moving on. ┬áThis week we did a ‘photoblitz’ assignment in which we had to take as many photos based on a short list of prompts during a twenty minute time frame. ┬áMy dining room has a decent number of objects in it and there are windows I could use if I had needed to. ┬áI thought I had picked a good spot there for this assignment but I ended up having much less luck than I expected. ┬áThe one photo that I really wanted to take was the supernatural one, but I was unfortunately not able to make that one work. I had wanted to toss a pencil up in the air and get a picture of it falling, but the only camera I have at the moment is my iPhone and I couldn’t snap the picture quickly enough.

Aside from failing to get that shot, I had a ton of fun with this assignment!  I was able to take a decent number of photos.

Among them:


two things

“A picture of two things that do not belong together”



“A picture taken from an unusual angle”



“Somebody else’s hand or paw”





converging lines

“Converging lines”

My favorite from this group is the converging lines because I was able to get so many of them into the shot.

There is an app you can use to do more photoblitzes (or photoblitzen, if you well) but I took a look at a couple of them and I think our list for this assignment was maybe a little easier than some of these other ones!

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