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  1. klamb912

    The End is Nigh

      In week three of DS106, I guessed/created a definition of digital storytelling.  Having now completed the course, I have to say:  I’m pretty impressed with my January-self. “Digital Storytelling:  (course, noun, verb)  Employing the use of multiple forms of … Continue reading
  2. klamb912

    Ron and Victoria

    This is Ron Burgundy, the lead anchor of News Team 4.  Ron has always been what people call a “ladies man,” but he has also always been somewhat lacking in intelligence.  Excellent at wooing women, viewers, and especially women viewers, Ron … Continue reading
  3. klamb912

    Weekly Summary

    Womp.  This has been a steady climb down hill for me, but here’s what I got done for last week’s assignments: Mashup Assignment: I made a video showing Natalie Portman’s filmography from one of her earlier films (there were ones … Continue reading
  4. klamb912

    Ron Burgundy

      Ron Burgundy is the ultimate 1970′s man’s man.  He drinks obsessively, thinks little of women, and constantly shows off his masculinity.  His relatively low level of intelligence, his horrible social skills, and his incredibly inflated sense of ego are … Continue reading
  5. klamb912

    SuperCut it!

    This week I made a ‘supercut it‘ video featuring Agent Ziva from the television show NCIS.  Her character is originally from Israel and English is her second language.  She is constantly trying to use American idioms and butchering them.  I … Continue reading
  6. klamb912

    I am me

    I chose to do the “I am me” assignment from the bank, which involved creating a video that described me.  I didn’t really understand the example video that was provided, but I may have just missed the point.  Either way, … Continue reading
  7. klamb912

    YouTube Genres

    Movies, or “films,” often take a lot of money, time, and talent to produce.  We live in a world now with YouTube, where people can record a video of themselves burning their hair off with a curling iron and it suddenly becomes a … Continue reading
  8. klamb912

    Good Will Hunting

      Visual Only: looking around, centered, not looking at the camera or anyone else wind (peaceful?) camera slowly roatating right, moving him to the right of the screen. he’s moving forward? moves himself back to center of the image he’s talking, moving … Continue reading

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