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    This week we looked at Web Design in DS106.  I was a bit intimidated at first, but it was so much fun once I installed the x-ray goggles!  When I first read the assignment I thought that I might want to do the Google search story but after today’s weather …

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    The Longest Three Weeks Ever


    I feel like it has been SO INCREDIBLY LONG since the last time I posted a weekly summary!  The past three weeks have been full of audio assignments with a few visual and writing ones scattered about in the TDC arena.

    Let’s kick off with the audio assignments, shall we?…

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    Foley follies


    That was so hard! Wow.

    So the foley sounds definitely win for being the hardest assignment of the week.  I’m not sure how much I really enjoyed that!

    I had to watch that clip over and over and over again and make sure I was getting the timing down.  I …

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    Daily Creates, what up?!


    Did a TON of daily creates, and more than that, wrote a post for every one of them without thinking about it.  Whoops. I’m more or less going to copy or paste them all into here though, so get ready for a long post! Here goes:


    Hoku and Bright

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    Hoku and Bright Eyes


    This was my favorite TDC of the past two weeks!  TDC420 required us to write song lyrics from a song that described how we thought a day would go and then from a song that described how it went.  When I was in highschool, I was OBSESSED with song lyrics.  …

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    Daydream Believer


    For TDC419 we were instructed to take a photo looking out our best daydreaming window.  I live in a small townhouse in College Heights and we don’t have very many windows, but I do like this one looking out from our dining room.  Unfortunately, the lighting didn’t do the window …

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    Another Moose (His name is Melon)


    For TDC425, we were supposed to take a picture of something in our car and make it into a movie poster.  In keeping with my moose obsession, I chose the stuffed moose that I bought a thrift store two years ago, named Melon, and put on my dashboard.

    The …

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    Order and Cleanliness


    TDC424 instructed us to write about an odd thing that brings us joy.

    As I state in my post for the assignment, I’ve never been diagnosed with any form of OCD.  However, I have always had weird quirks with food and organization.  I used to not be able to …

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    The Railing


    For TDC413, we were supposed to write an ode to an under-appreciated object.  In my Environment and Society course, we recently went over character-object networks, and one of the examples we were provided with was a railing.  Granted, in the example, the railing was a player in a system …

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    To be completely honest, when I read this assignment, I had completely forgotten what homophones were.  It’s been a long time since the 2nd grade, okay?

    Anyway, even though I did remember after a few minutes, I still couldn’t think of more than three or four of them off …

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    Pure Poetry


    The second audio assignment I chose this week was called Beat Craigs List, in which I was supposed to find a Craigslist ad and record it as though it were supposed to be a poem.  I after checking out some ads in the local page, boy did I find …

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    So. Many. Sound Effects.


    Creating the radio bumper for the Dot Commers was far easier than creating the commercial.  While I don’t want to give away what our show is about, the commercial kind of hints at it anyway.

    For this assignment, I had to use a TON of sound effects.  I tried imagining …

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    I had a weird childhood


    I spent the bulk of my “formative years” on other continents.  Shortly after I was born, my family moved to Kampala, Uganda, and about two years after that we moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We moved back to the United States when I was about six.

    You’d think, with all …

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    This week in procrastination…


    This week was the midterm for what I consider my most difficult class, so I spent the majority of my time studying for that. DS106 took a bit of a back seat because of that, so here I am again on Sunday night, failing to meet last week’s goal. On …

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    Domino (2005)


    I used the same movie for three of the five assignments from the design assignments.  I’m not sure if anyone has seen it, but I hope so or none of these are going to make sense!

    The design blitz we did helped me to really identify different elements of design …

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    After seeing the example of the bumper sticker (Strong Women: You’re Following One”), it was hard for me to think of anything but activist-y topics for my own.  Since it dealt with feminism, it was especially difficult to stray from that topic specifically.

    The end result of my …

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    TDC’s, yo.


    This week’s daily creates were fun for me. I’m awful at art, but I like to try sometimes, so this week gave me an opportunity to do that. I wrote a poem about an underappreciated object, I drew a bumper sticker for DS106, and I captioned a picture to make …

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    they both start with “M”


    I spent a very long time trying to come up with a six-word memoir to describe my life.  Unfortunately my drawing skills are far behind my ability to think up images in my head, so I ended up having to phone a friend.  Her response: “moose, duh.”

    It’s true though.  …

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    Patterns, Fonts, and Symbols, oh my!


    I spent a lot of time indoors this week, studying for midterms and doing work for my internship and volunteer positions.  That being said, I didn’t get to check out many outdoor examples of design except for while I was driving, and taking pictures while driving isn’t the safest thing …

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    Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger


    All sorts of photography improvements this week!

    This week I tried using my newly improved photography skills in two of my daily creates and in part of my photoblitz!

    Here are the pictures I tried some new things with:

    (All of my tips that I used came from  TEN:

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    I can haz photography skills?


    Rough approximation of my interactions with cameras and photography.

    The visual assignments for the week were challenging because I was supposed to be improving my photography skills.  The main issue here was that I have no camera (right now I’m operating with a mighty fine iPhone cam), but aside from …

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    I’m not very assertive


    I had the most fun this week with the “Love: In Three Frames” assignment and knew almost immediately what to make mine about.  As my URL indicates, I’m really a dog person. Like…REALLY really.  Unfortunately, my girlfriend is very much a cat person, and the place we live …

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    fat cats DO make everything better


    I own one of the chubbiest cats ever and it’s the perfect look for him, so when I saw this assignment in the assignment bank, I knew I had to try it.  When I realized I’m close friends with the person who created the assignment, it just solidified my decision.  …

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    A Reindeer and an Airstrike


    Two things I automatically associate with the word “blitz:”
    1)  Blitzen
    2)  Blitzkrieg

    Anyway, moving on.  This week we did a ‘photoblitz’ assignment in which we had to take as many photos based on a short list of prompts during a twenty minute time frame.  My dining room has a …

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    the best of the worst!


    Best Of, a set on Flickr.

    I’m really a very unskilled photographer/artist when it comes down to it. Nothing has showcased that lack of talent more than this class, so when I saw that I had to make a “best of” set, I was less than thrilled.

    But I …

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