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So. Many. Sound Effects.

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Creating the radio bumper for the Dot Commers was far easier than creating the commercial.  While I don’t want to give away what our show is about, the commercial kind of hints at it anyway.

For this assignment, I had to use a TON of sound effects.  I tried imagining all the kitschy radio commercials and ads that come on air all of the time.  I tried incorporating elements from what seems to be the template for radio infomercials about weight loss and things of the sort.  I especially enjoyed coming up with the warning at the end of it.

Like I said:  lots of sound effects.  From AudioMicro, I used this, this, this, and that.  From FreeSound, I used this one.

The cutting, pasting, and splitting was way more intense than the bumper I created, but I am pretty please with the way that it turned out!  I recorded the audio in several segments and tried finding places where sound effects would fit in the best.

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